Infowars Reporter Arrested at Her House for “Burglary”

The video of Infowars reporter Millie Weaver being arrested is one of the weirdest things yet, and it is a taste of what’s to come in the near future in this country.

Unless the video is some kind of staged hoax, Weaver was arrested by state police in Ohio on Friday.

The video starts with the cops at her door, where they tell her to get some shoes because she’s being arrested. As she’s walking through the house she says she was getting ready to release a bombshell. After she gets the shoes, she is told she’s being arrested for burglary, after, the police say, a grand jury indicted her.

Weaver at the time of the arrest was allegedly preparing to screen on YouTube a new documentary she’d made called “Shadow Gate,” not to be confused with the 1989 NES point and click adventure game of the same name.

Theorists on the internet are claiming that the charge of burglary might have related to government documents she stole to produce the documentary.

This probably isn’t actually what happened, but who the hell even knows? Getting arrested like that is weird, and a grand jury being convened for burglary is weird.

One tweeter said that a drug addict was used to frame Weaver for some crime.

Weaver’s father, a pastor, said that he did not believe that she’d stolen anything.

Some people are saying the video is staged and is part of some viral campaign, but it would be pretty bizarre to get your father involved in that.

Whatever the hell is going on here, it is a look into what is about to start happening if Kamala Harris wins the election: they are going to go door-to-door and round up political dissidents. Of course, after the first few times, when the message has been sent, social media will start banning videos of the arrests so that people are not aware of just how many people are being rounded up.

Probably, people will be charged with fake crimes and tortured. Most of them will probably be let out after a few months or a year of torture. Others may simply be locked away forever.

It’s going to be a rough ride.