Infowars Posts Video Against “F*cktard” Jew Crybabies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2015

Professional lunatic Paul Joseph Watson
Professional lunatic Paul Joseph Watson

As the reader is aware, Alex Jones’ INFOWARS operation has been in the process of perpetual collapse due to what used to be called “the truth movement” learning about the Holocaust hoax and through this, learning about the Jew problem in depth and, for the most part, eventually going full-Nazi.  Jones is incapable of keeping up because he has a Jew wife and Jew children and all his money comes from Jews through sponsorships and advertisement.

Jones’ strategy for dealing with this has mainly been to move toward the mainstream, to attempt to secure a position as the next Rush Limbaugh, as “alternative” audiences have little use for him and his filthy Jew lies about Hitler and the nature of the problem we are facing.  He is now endorsing the likes of Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, claiming that these warmongering Jewpublicans will save America from the Illuminati.

He has ratcheted up his attacks on “White supremacists,” at one point attacking me personally and threatening to have my wife raped.

At the same time, he has tried to move slightly into our territory, doing some bits about racism against Whites and how the media is targeting Whites.  Not really a huge deal, since Fox News does the same thing now, as it is so obvious they have to talk about it.

Now, presumed homosexual Jew and left-hand man of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson (he has a Chinese wife, though this is believed by many to be a “married the maid” situation), who does videos on the INFOWARS YouTube channel has come out with a video criticizing the “walking while Jew” video.

Firstly I want to note that I found it weird that Watson at least twice calls these Jews “fucktards.”  He also calls people “cunts,” which I guess is less offensive in Britain than it is in America.  I don’t really think the use of profanity on a YouTube video is that big of a deal, but this is a scripted newscast meant to imitate mainstream news reports.  So Watson had to sit down and write that he was going to call the Jews “fucktards” and “cunts.”  It clearly represents an editorial decision by Jones himself; as they didn’t used to use profanity on their YouTube broadcasts (at least not scripted profanity), Jones would have literally had to call Watson up and be like “hey, we need to get a bit more edgy – start dropping f-bombs and calling people cunts.” This, in my opinion, is weird.

Also, who uses the term “fucktard”?  What year is this?  And how old is Paul Joseph Watson?  That is a word that 13-year-olds called each other while playing Pokemon card games in 2004.  This is a complete failure at an attempt to be edgy and instead comes off as bizarre and confusing.

Next point: while apparently complaining about Jewish crybabism, he repeatedly mentions the Holocaust and evil Nazis.  Criticizing Jews is not really worth much if you are just going to confirm their stupid hoax, as really, as long as the hoax stands, they are going to maintain unlimited ability to complain about how everyone supposedly wants to gas them.

This having been said, it is a good sign that Infowars is having to address Jewish whining, as it shows that we are taking over the narrative, and Jones is having to address issues he doesn’t want to address in order to attempt to remain relevant.