Infowars’ Owen Shroyer Kicked Out of CPAC for Wearing a Pink Blazer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Not only are modern conservatives pieces of shit, they also have zero fashion sense.

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer was apparently kicked out of the conference for wearing a handsome pink blazer.

Shroyer made a scene as he was kicked out, after he had been approached by a strange woman who appeared to be Jewish.

Hilariously, online censorship had been declared a flagship issue of the conference, with several panels focusing on it. Donald Trump’s goofy ass son, Donald Trump Jr., who is a weirdo and dates a 60-year-old Puerto Rican woman who looks like a tranny, told a crowd on Friday that censorship and bias against conservatives is “probably a top three issue” for his father’s base of voters.

I am barely a Trump voter at this point, but I will say that I sure as hell used to be, and it is my number one issue. By a long shot. It’s more important to me than the Jews. Because if I don’t have freedom of speech, I can’t talk about the Jews or any other issue.

Shortly after Trump Jr. made these meaningless statements, Shroyer was dragged out of the conference like a black man getting dragged off of a white woman.

The unidentified individual who escorted him out said that he and his crew “need to go,” and repeatedly refused to give an explanation as Shroyer loudly explained to the crowd what was happening to him. It is believed that the reason was his handsome pink blazer.

Following the brutal removal of Shroyer, he gave several interviews to journalists, explaining that Infowars had been denied a booth at CPAC, but were able to buy passes. He had been invited to sit at various booths, even though he had no booth-home. CPAC officials told him that he wasn’t allowed to sit at any booth, and he complied with their outrageous demand. He was then told that he wasn’t allowed to livestream, and he also complied with that demand. He was then banned from interviewing the My Pillow guy unless he went to a specific area. He went to that area, and that is where he was kicked out.

Madcap individual Gavin McInnes was also kicked out of CPAC this year, without any explanation, though it is suspected he may have been sticking things into his butt, which is a legitimate reason.

Alex Jones himself appears to have not been kicked out of the conference yet.

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