Paul Joseph Watson of Recycles Daily Stormer Story, Removes All Mention of Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2014

Possible Jew Paul Joseph Watson often wears lipstick while reporting for Infowars.
Alex’s Little Princess: Possible Jew Paul Joseph Watson often wears lipstick while reporting for Infowars.

The suspected Jew Paul Joseph Watson, head editor for Alex Jones’, has been reading my work for a while.  Back in my days at Total Fascism, he posted on Facebook complaining about how I’d put a Juden Star on Alex Jones’ Jew wife.

Alex Jones’ Jewish wife, Violet Jones, mother of his three Jewish children.
Alex Jones’ Jewish wife, Violet Jones, mother of his three Jewish children.

About five hours after I published on Friday an article about Liz Wahl’s association with the Fag-Jew journalist James Kirchick, Watson posted a video about the topic, using most of my points, as well as adding a few (I didn’t know Kirchick had worked for US state media).

I don’t pay overly much attention to Infowars, but I imagine Watson does quite a bit of reading here at the Daily Stormer, and regularly recycles research and information for his own propaganda pieces.  This is fair enough; indeed, I have used information from Infowars more than once.  This is part of the way modern journalism works.

The problem that I have is that he failed to mention that the homosexual Kirchick is a Jew, which really removes the ability to understand the situation.  He also mentioned Nuland, Klitschko and Yatsenyuk and referred to them as having a “Neo-Nazi” agenda, while not mentioning that they are all Jews.  Watson has repeatedly pushed the idea that the fake Nazis of the Ukrainian coup are real Nazis, never mentioning that real Nazis would presumably be opposed to the Jews, instead of worshiping them.

They are Jews.  This is important, Ms. Watson.
They are Jews. This is important, Ms. Watson.

When the Jewish angle is removed from the Liz Wahl story, we are left with no reason why this Kirchick person would have planned this stunt.  Watson doesn’t bother to mention a why, but presumably, it is taken for granted that he did it because he is part of the secret globalist satanic conspiracy.

Everything Isn’t a Conspiracy

Many will say that it is fine that Alex and his Infowars operation do not name the Jew, as they are still spreading some good information, and reaching a larger audience than we are.  The above video of Watson’s, for instance, has gotten 50,000 views, while my article has gotten only 7,000 reads.

I flatly reject the assertion that spreading some true information, while removing the Jew, has any positive effect whatsoever.  The problem is that if you do not accept the Jew as a biological problem, and view the present troubles of the world as a result of a broken ideology, you are forced to invent a complicated and ultimately insane conspiracy theory to make it work logically.

If the Jew is not a biological phenomenon, then the not-racially-identified subversives in banking, government, corporate finance, news media, entertainment, abortion, pornography, black and brown liberation, homosexualism, feminism, and so on, in every country, would need to be connected through a complex secret communication network, planning everything out.  This in itself is asinine, and there is no indication that any such thing exists.  On top of this, once you establish that there is such a network, it has to have some type of purpose.  You then get all of the rest of the craziness that Jones spews about a satanic death cult that wishes to “depopulate” the earth for reasons that don’t make any clear sense.  In short, it leads directly to a form of induced schizophrenia.

Since I first heard Alex Jones talk about a "depopulation" plan in 2000, the population has gone from 6 to 7 billion, and the alleged planners of this conspiracy are still sending billions in aid to fund population explosions in the third world.
Since I first heard Alex Jones talk about a “depopulation” conspiracy plan in 2000, the global population has gone from 6 to 7 billion, and the alleged planners of this conspiracy are still sending billions in aid to fund population explosions in the third world.

If, however, the Jew is a biological phenomenon, they do not need a secret communications network with a central commanding authority, as they are fundamentally subversive by their very nature.  The only coordination that is needed is between individual Jews working for a specific purpose.  Otherwise, they act without need for direction, because they are biologically inclined to do so.  We might think of a colony of ants, who operate a complex system, with a definite goal of sustaining and expanding their colony by securing resources, without a central command unit.

If we look at it this way, there is no need to impose a fantasy about a “secret plan” upon them, for they are simply fulfilling their racial agenda, the purpose of which is merely subversion and control.  Though strategy is used, the end goal is always as simple as more Jewish control over non-Jewish society.  They are, like a disease, an unthinking force of destruction.

The conspiracy paradigm is like a brain virus, which is very difficult to pull away from.  Many who are now in the Antisemitic movement came from the Alex Jones-style conspiracy theorizing, and thus are now locked into this mode of thinking – that everyone is working together for the purpose of achieving some or other secret plan.  The “Illuminati” is replaced with the Jews, but effectively, it is the exact same story.  When you have this mode of looking at the world, nothing is real, and everything must fit in as a part of a staged hoax.  I have criticized those who push the theories regarding crisis actors, which to mind mind is the bottom of the barrel theorizing, and more recently, come up against those who believe Vladimir Putin is part of this conspiracy, with all of the global conflict being staged as part of a secret plan.

Once you accept the secret plan mindset, you then seek only to defend it.  Leaping around ensues, as you add on layers, trying to defend the original flawed idea.

Conspiracies do Exist, But This Does Not Mean an Overarching Conspiracy Exists

Purpose-based conspiracies do indeed exist, but they tend to be easily identifiable and provable.  The biggest of all conspiracies, the 911 attack, was a Jewish conspiracy to start wars in the Middle East, and thus expand Jewish power.  It was planned by the Mossad, working with various sectors of the Jew-ridden American intelligence apparatus and some key Neoconservative figures, along with the complex’s owner, Jew Larry Silverstein.  One can easily check the facts surrounding this event, and work out the factual reality that it was staged by Jews for a Jewish purpose.  It is physically impossible that it happened the way we are told it happened.

There are many other conspiracies as well, which I am willing to endorse, but each tends to have a very clear design and tangible purpose.  The wackier conspiracies have no clear design or purpose, but are put forward based on the belief in a larger, overarching conspiracy (which in itself does not have a clear design or purpose).

For instance, the “Vladimir Putin is controlled by Jews” conspiracy requires massive leaps and bounds to explain something that doesn’t even make sense in the end.  The alleged evidence supporting it is very slim to begin with, drawing together a number of seemingly inconsistent facts which in themselves could all be explained individually if one desired to do so (“he is in a picture wearing a yarmulke” appears to be the core of the Jewish Putin theory).  There is also a lot of blatant lying going on, which I have documented some of, and will continue to document in the future.

The Jewish plan is summed up in this picture.  It doesn't go any further than controlling and destroying the goyim for collective material gain.  They are carrying out a biological program.
The Jewish plan is summed up in this picture. It doesn’t go any further than controlling and destroying the goyim for collective material gain. They are carrying out a biological program.

The bottom line is that in order for the conspiracy theory to work, we would have to believe that the canceling of the Syrian project was part of a plan.  That the AIPAC Jews weren’t really trying to invade at all, and don’t want to overthrow Assad.  We would have to also believe that the present situation in the Ukraine is staged.  We would then have to wonder why it is happening like this.  Why would the Jews not want to overthrow Syria, in the way they have overthrown all other Arab states with charismatic nationalist leaders?  If Russia is completely controlled by the Jews, why does Russia not simply merge with the EU right now, which would solve all problems?  So then the theorists create a theory to explain their previous theories.  I previously responded to a commenter’s theory that it was part of a secret plan to nuke the United States in the year 2020; the idea was that they have a plan to kill all the White people here.  However, by the year 2020, we will already be almost exterminated, because of the immigration rate, and it simply makes no sense.  It is just a secret plan to explain the initial conspiracy, which is what these people are into.  The secret agenda is an afterthought.

One should be very weary of anyone who begins an argument with “why would A happen, if B were not the case?” which is the format that most fake, paranoid conspiracy theories follow.

Going back to the 911 conspiracy, we do not need to lead with any such questions.  We can point out the NORAD drill coincidence, the NORAD stand down, the fake bin Laden confession video, the Mineta testimony, CIA insider trading, the demolition of Building 7, the dancing Israelis, the Odigo warnings, the actual collapse itself, etc.  The facts can be lined up and they speak for themselves.  We do not have to invent a reason for them having done this – the wars which quickly ensued explain why it was done.

It is possible that Putin is part of a Jewish conspiracy, it is simply that right now, there is zero reason to believe this is the case, and plenty of massive reasons to believe otherwise.  It is also possible that he is a narcissist, and that his purposes are more personal than ideological, which is why he doesn’t have a problem doing some photo-shoots with Jews which nationalists have found so appalling.  That, however, wouldn’t really matter in practical terms, as his actions are no less meaningful if there is a less than pure motivation behind them.  The actual actions themselves are what count.

All information needs to be looked at and considered objectively.  This is my policy.  It cannot be looked at with emotion, as was the case when many were supporting the Jewish coup in the Ukraine because they felt it was a nationalist revolution, due mainly to the t-shirts being worn by the paid terrorists, and it cannot be looked at with personal bias, as is the case with those who wish to claim a conspiracy exists around every corner.

Woe is me.
Woe is me.

Alex Jones and his Infowars disinformation operation have done a great disservice to the people not simply by covering up the Jewish problem, but by indoctrinating their followers into a certain mode of thinking which ensures that they can never come to the proper conclusions about the way the world works.

More and more of the followers of Jones, however, are coming over to our side, and I see this trend continuing indefinitely. Here at the Daily Stormer, we aim to inform people about the larger agenda of the Jews, while also teaching them how to be objective in analysis and uncover the real truth that has been hidden from the masses.

Forward March.

Hail Victory.