Info on 8chan Downtime

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2015

If there is one thing the Jews simply refuse to tolerate it's freedom.
If there is one thing the Jews simply refuse to tolerate it’s freedom.

I’ve been heavily immersed in the cartoon killer crisis, and hadn’t had time to respond to issues with the situation at 8chan.

They are down, due to ddos.

Hotwheels has posted a FAQ. Downtime FAQ

1) How come we got attacked? Aren’t we using CloudFlare anti-DDoS?

CloudFlare only works if the attacker doesn’t know your real server IP. Since it is well known who’s host is, an attack is still possible.

2) When is coming back?

We are doing our best to bring it back, but we are not sure. We are aiming to bring back in the next 12 hours, but that could very easily become 24 or 48.

In the mean time, the following alternate imageboards are still up: (no issues that I know of right now, but historically pretty shitty) (strict focus, but should be OK) (Dutch honeypot?, requires accounts, closed source) (nazi mods, SJW?)

If is not back in 48 hours, I will bring up a limited version of the site on alternative hosting with only a few boards (/pol/, /v/, /gamergate/, /b/) and no board creation. I am pretty confident it will not come to that, but it would be better to have something up rather than nothing if we know the real site is going to be down for a long time (72 hours – 2 weeks).

3) Who is behind this?

No one knows, and there is no way to know.

Launching a DDoS is a crime, so attackers normally just rent botnets, use stolen credit cards to rent cloud servers, or pay someone in Bitcoin over Tor to do the attack for them to stay anonymous and not risk arrest.

It took LizardSquad attacking Microsoft and Sony for any of them to be arrested. Obviously, someone DDoSing a small community like is very low on the priority list for law enforcement.

Please do not believe rumors on Twitter that it was “Brianna Wu” or “Muslims” or “JIDF”. They are based on nothing and are being spread by people who want Twitter followers and nothing else. I verified it :^)

4) Can’t you just block everybody except CloudFlare in `iptables`?

That doesn’t solve anything. Blocking IPs at a server level does not stop them from using network resources. The internet is purposely engineered this way so that it can be an open platform.

5) What the fuck? Why are internet services so vulnerable to this kind of attack? is not the first imageboard to ever be DDoSed. 4chan has gone down to DDoS many times over the years, as have 420chan, 7chan and 2chan.
is a good history of 4chan.

In the early 2000’s, even most multi-million dollar corporations were vulnerable. See for a good run down.

Clearly, the new meme is to shut down free speech on the internet using illegal means. However, I don’t believe that these people will continue to avoid prosecution indefinitely, and after a few of them go down – they lock you up for this – things should clear up.

Our enemies are constantly showing their true colors. Where we want open debate, they simply want to silence all disagreement through illegal, terrorist measures.

You can look for more updates on the 8chan Twitter page.