Infinite Hoax: CIA Now Claiming Russia Responsible for Wikileaks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2016


Holy moly, this just never ends.

The CIA is now claiming Russia was responsible for Wikileaks.

But here’s the thing.

This is the thing.

The Podesta emails – which were by far the most relevant leaks of the election cycle – were on a gmail account. Meaning no hacking took place. No one is saying gmail was hacked and anyway that’s absurd – if gmail was hacked, we would have gotten a whole lot more than the Podesta emails. The only way anyone could have gotten in his gmail account would be by gaining access to his password, either through a trojan or a phishing email – either of which anyone, anywhere could do.

The DNC hack is a little bit more complicated, but it still wouldn’t require any sort of high-level hacking skills.

And anyway, it is literally impossible to attribute a hacking. If it was really Russia, they certainly would have known better than to leave a trail. But low-level people do this stuff and don’t get caught. This entire hoax is based on assuming people don’t understand the way technology works – and that they won’t go to the Daily Stormer and have it explained to them in simple terms.

Washington Post:

The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, according to U.S. officials. Those officials described the individuals as actors known to the intelligence community and part of a wider Russian operation to boost Trump and hurt Clinton’s chances.

“It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected,” said a senior U.S. official briefed on an intelligence presentation made to U.S. senators. “That’s the consensus view.”

The Obama administration has been debating for months how to respond to the alleged Russian intrusions, with White House officials concerned about escalating tensions with Moscow and being accused of trying to boost Clinton’s campaign.

In September, during a secret briefing for congressional leaders, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voiced doubts about the veracity of the intelligence, according to officials present.

The Trump transition team dismissed the findings in a short statement issued Friday evening. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again,’ ” the statement read.


The CIA is the governmental equivalent of a fake news site.

Trump has consistently dismissed the intelligence community’s findings about Russian hacking.

“I don’t believe they interfered” in the election, he told Time magazine this week. The hacking, he said, “could be Russia. And it could be China. And it could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

You know, Donald Trump needs his own media outlet. He knows this stuff, and he says it, but it’s just these little bits and bytes and it’s just him saying it, when he maybe doesn’t know exactly how things work and just has a general understanding from experts he trusts.

But what I outlined above about how literally anyone could have been responsible for this hack could easily be explained in a 4 minute YouTube clip that could be produced in a highly professional way for a few thousand dollars. And if it came officially from Trump, people would trust it.

The CIA shared its latest assessment with key senators in a closed-door briefing on Capitol Hill last week, in which agency officials cited a growing body of intelligence from multiple sources. Agency briefers told the senators it was now “quite clear” that electing Trump was Russia’s goal, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

The CIA presentation to senators about Russia’s intentions fell short of a formal U.S. assessment produced by all 17 intelligence agencies. A senior U.S. official said there were minor disagreements among intelligence officials about the agency’s assessment, in part because some questions remain unanswered.

On Friday, the White House said President Obama had ordered a “full review” of Russian hacking during the election campaign, as pressure from Congress has grown for greater public understanding of exactly what Moscow did to influence the electoral process.

We may have crossed into a new threshold, and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that, to review, to conduct some after-action, to understand what has happened and to impart some lessons learned,” Obama’s counterterrorism and homeland security adviser, Lisa Monaco, told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Obama wants the report before he leaves office Jan. 20, Monaco said. The review will be led by James Clapper, the outgoing director of national intelligence, officials said.

During her remarks, Monaco didn’t address the latest CIA assessment, which hasn’t been previously disclosed.

Some key Republican lawmakers have continued to question the quality of evidence supporting Russian involvement.

“I’ll be the first one to come out and point at Russia if there’s clear evidence, but there is no clear evidence — even now,” said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a member of the Trump transition team. “There’s a lot of innuendo, lots of circumstantial evidence, that’s it.”

Though Russia has long conducted cyberspying on U.S. agencies, companies and organizations, this presidential campaign marks the first time Moscow has attempted through cyber-means to interfere in, if not actively influence, the outcome of an election, the officials said.

Note that WaPo is here stating this as fact.

Which is fake news.

The government said it. That is all that has happened.



This is the latest move.

The Jill Stein “Russia hacked the polls” hoax fell flat, so now we’re back to “Russia did Wikileaks.”

But even if Russia did do Wikileaks – just considering that for a second here – couldn’t everyone agree that they did a public service? I mean, these people are criminals, and they were exposed as such. So the argument from Obama and the Washington Post, is just “Russia is evil because they gave us information that kept us from electing a criminal to run the country.”

Also if Russia did this, it wouldn’t effect the results of the election now. We already voted.

Or so one would think.

But the way they are coming out with this weird, desperate stuff, and the way the media is dealing with it, it almost looks as though they are going to try to say, “well, Donald Trump isn’t actually the President, because Russia.”


With this #Pizzagate stuff going viral, I think they are freaking the hell out.

Hillary’s speech was extremely weird.

They have this bill in Congress now to apparently shut down websites that disagree with the government.

Wacky times.

This is going to be an interesting 41 days.