India’s Sanitation Problem Continues as Many Indians Prefer Defecating Outside Instead of Using a Toilet

Daily Slave
October 12, 2014

Behold the cultural vibrancy of outdoor defecation.

Below is quick blurb from a Miami Herald article detailing how many Indians prefer defecating in the outdoors.  Many Indians have said that even if they had a toilet available to them they would still opt to defecate outside.

The Indians preference to defecate outside has led the country to suffer from numerous sanitation problems.

Even though I could care less what the Indians do in their own country, this story illustrates the primitive nature of their culture.  They can’t even convince their own people to use a toilet for general health and welfare purposes.

Miami Herald:

Another unrelated study looking at attitudes toward sanitation in five Indian states — Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh — found that 40 percent of homes that had toilets also had at least one household member who openly defecated. Most said that was because it was “pleasurable, comfortable and convenient,” according to the paper titled “Revealed Preference for Open Defecation,” published last month in Economic and Political Weekly.

“Many respondents told us that defecating in the open provides them an opportunity to take a morning walk, see their fields, and take in the fresh air,” the paper’s authors wrote. “Many people regard open defecation as part of a wholesome, healthy, virtuous life.”