India’s Made-in-India High Speed Train Breaks Down on First Trip

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2019

India’s Fastest… to break.

Hey! You know what would be a great idea? To flood our country with Indian workers that will not only steal Americans jobs, but also endlessly complain on the Internet about how they can’t get white women to have sex with them because of systemic racism and prejudice against curry.

Why should we do that? Simple! Because paying them is cheaper than paying our people.

It’s just good for the industry, which in turn is good for the economy.

This is basic math, goy.


India’s fastest train has broken down on its first trip, a day after it was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi.

Soon after the brakes failed, the drivers noticed smoke in the last four coaches and power was lost in all compartments.

Those on board, mostly railway officials and journalists, had to take another train to get back to Delhi.

Despite the railway ministry’s suggestion that the train may have hit a cow, NDTV reported that there were no signs of damage on the front of the train after the incident.

They initially claimed the train struck a cow in a piteous attempt at hiding the very obvious fact that the train just broke. It broke because it was made in India, by Indians.

I know. I know. Shit happens. It could happen to anyone, right?


Don’t excuse them. Look at their country. It’s a blob of filth.

They’re not “highly-skilled,” they’re just cheap labor able to do the bare minimum without being capable of any kind of innovation or creation.

They can’t even manage their own country and we’re bringing them here.

This insanity has to stop. Just close the gates.

I mean… yeah, we first have to build those.

Build the wall and build the gates first, and then close them for good.