Indians are Breaking our iPhones With Their Goofy Alphabet

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2017

Indians haven’t even mastered the toilet; it’s no wonder they break our high-tech gadgets.

We’re told that we need to import infinite amounts of dot Indians in America with H1-B visas because they’re supposedly “good at technology.”

And yet when you put so much as a single Indian character in an iPhone, all hell breaks loose.

Something’s not adding up here.

PC Mag:

There’s a new iOS bug that can crash your iPhone. A symbol in the Indian language known as Telugu can wreak havoc over the software.

This symbol looks like two butts farting at each other. Seriously. Who’d write their alphabet using butts? This is sickening.

iOS 11 will struggle to render it whenever the symbol is placed into a text field. Apps that try to do so will freeze and shut down.

The problem gets worse when chat or email apps get involved. PCMag tried the bug on an iPad by sending it messages loaded with the Telugu symbol. Mayhem ensued.

The iPad immediately crashed when the messages were received; iOS’s notification bar failed to process them, forcing the whole system to stop and reload. However, the problems didn’t end there.

Messages written with the Telugu symbol can effectively disable any chat or email app that tries to fetch them on startup. Facebook Messenger, for instance, shut down whenever it came across a chat containing the symbol.

I tried loading up an Indian website using my iPad. This is the result.

Making matters worse is how other apps, like Yahoo Mail, can constantly trigger the bug when iOS goes idle. That’s because the apps will persistently try to display emails carrying the Telugu symbol as a notification. As a result, our iPad was stuck in a cycle of periodic iOS freezes.

But seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if this bug, like many bugs we see today, is the result if Indians coding for Apple.

Indians can’t actually code. At best they’ll just mindlessly follow instructions or copy code from somewhere else, or maybe code in a very rigid system they’ve learned in school or whatever. But they can’t come close to what a White engineer can do with even minimal training.

I’ve experienced Indian code, and it’s a nightmare of bugs, missing features and zero support. The engineers will claim a bug is fixed even if it’s still in there, or simply stop responding to requests for a fix.

Our entire infrastructure depends on trillions of lines of complicated code, and we’re introducing crappy Indian schlop into the mix, making everything unstable and wonky.

No need to worry about cyber terrorism when it’s just as likely everything will collapse under the weight of incompetent Indian engineers replacing Whites.