Indianapolis Mass Shooting: Six Hit, No One Cares Because Obviously the Shooter is Black

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2019

It really is absurd the way that these black mass shootings are just footnotes in the media.

You would maybe think they would blow it up to push the gun control agenda, but they don’t because if they were showing these people’s pictures every time there was a mass shooting, even the goodest goyim are going to start getting thought bubbles popping up.

So we just get these miniature backpage news blurbs about events that would be a 3-week long crisis if it was a white guy who did it.


Police are searching for a shooter who left six people wounded in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday night.

Officers patrolling in the area responded to multiple shots fired nearby, said Genae Cook of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. They found six victims ranging in age from teen to adult suffering from gunshot wounds.

All six were transported to local hospitals. Two are in critical condition, one in serious but stable condition and three have minor injuries, Cook said. Police are investigating the incident and are looking for a suspect.

The shooter’s motive is unknown.

Developing story – more to come

I suspect that his motive is “being black.”

I also don’t believe that there is more to come, CNN.

You have a terrible record with this “more to come about the black crime incident” thing, CNN.

Dogs bite men all the time, after all.