Indiana: Blacks Go to the Bowling Alley, Several Die

People are talking a lot about the Nashville bombing. Okay, sure. A bombing is sexy and so on. But we should remember: more people die at any random black “bowling night gone wrong.”

USA Today:

Three people were killed and three others were injured Saturday in a shooting at Don Carter Lanes, a bowling alley in Rockford.

Police Chief Dan O’Shea said they have a person of interest in custody who is thought to be the only shooter. However, he said the investigation is “very, very fluid” and still ongoing.

O’Shea said shots were fired inside and outside of the bowling alley.

“We have the scene secure and a person of interest in custody,” O’Shea said. “When officers arrived on scene, the shooter was still in the building. No officers fired their weapons that we know of at this point but the individual that we believe is responsible and the only individual we believe at this point to be involved, we have in custody.”

He did not have information about any of the shooting victims available. “I do know there are two teenagers that have been shot but I don’t know the ages,” O’Shea said.

Police have cleared the area and are asking the public to stay away.

I wouldn’t expect something like this to get as much coverage as a white man doing something, because it isn’t as interesting. But it is important to keep perspective.