Indian Man Still Worshiping Trump as a God Even Though He Didn’t Do Policies

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

In Hinduism, anything can be a god.

So things that are on TV are very likely to become gods if they have an extreme personality.

New York Post:

An Indian man is so convinced President Trump is his “god,” he has a life-size statue as a shrine in his garden — and offers him daily prayers.

“Instead of praying to other gods, I started praying to him,” Bussa Krishna said, calling the president “my god, Donald Trump.”

“My love for him has transformed into reverence.”

Krishna, 37, started worshiping Trump four years ago when he says he came to him in a dream, hiring 15 laborers to work with him for a month to make the 6-foot statue in his village in the southern state of Telangana.

“He is like a god to me, that is the reason I had his statue built,” he told New Delhi TV (NDTV) of his shrine showing Trump in a red tie and blue suit with his right arm raised in a wave.

“Every Friday I fast for Trump’s long life. I also carry his picture and pray to him before commencing any work,” he told the station.

Krishna, who lives alone, is now known locally as Trump Krishna, and his statue-adorned house has been dubbed Trump House.

“The villagers never objected to it but appreciated his devotion,” his friend Ramesh Reddy told NDTV.

Donald Trump should honor the Indians that believe he is a god by being a really good president.

It is only right.