Indian Man in Dubai Makes “Rape Threat” Against Indian Woman on Facebook, She Calls Him a Terrorist, Demands Arrest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

When Facebook Indians aren’t soliciting nude photos from underage girls, they ride dirty and roll deep.

This whole “female empowerment” agenda has taken hold in India, hardcore.

Of course, it hasn’t hit the Arabs quite yet.


A Dubai-based Indian chef has come under fire for allegedly abusing a woman online and also threatening to rape her, a media report said.

Hundreds of people have called for the immediate arrest of the chef, Trilok Singh after he allegedly made the highly obscene remarks on social media against Swati Khanna, also from India, the Gulf News report said on Sunday.

In his profanity-laced Facebook post written in Hindi, Singh called Swati a prostitute and said she will be raped in Delhi.

In response, Khanna also in a Facebook post, asked to “report this terrorist” and also attacked his profile.

Singh”s Facebook account has now been deleted but screenshots of his profile revealed that he worked as a chef for the Lalit Hotel in Delhi before moving to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It was not immediately clear where Singh is currently employed in the UAE though his Facebook profile says he works for a university in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Dubai Police responded to a complainant on twitter by advising him to report the matter through their e-crime portal.

People who post abusive messages on social media can be tried under the UAE Cybercrime law which stipulates stiff penalties such as jail terms and/or fines between 50,000 and 3 million dirhams, reports Gulf News.

I don’t know if you can actually get arrested for internet “rape threats” in India, but I seriously doubt you can in Dubai. That abusive messages law does not apply to insulting women. I would wager.

But hey, at this point, who even knows?

Maybe the Arabs have gone full white knight?