Indian Leader Calls for People Not to Buy from Moslems

Did you know that India was once partitioned into separate countries because it was determined to be impossible for Moslems and non-Moslems to live alongside one another?

Now that Moslems have slowly moved back into India, they’re again having problems. This is despite the fact that the world has come to the conclusion that there is no reason that everyone can’t just live next to each other in a gigantic soup.


India’s governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has issued a notice to one of its leaders after a video showing him asking people not to buy vegetables from Muslims surfaced amid a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Keep one thing in mind. I am telling everyone openly. There is no need to buy vegetables from ‘miyans’ [Muslims],” legislator Suresh Tiwari from Deoria town in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh was heard saying in the mobile phone video that went viral on Tuesday.

Millions in India are facing unprecedented job losses and hunger because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, with daily wagers, vendors and small shopkeepers being severely affected.

As outrage grew, the BJP asked Tiwari why action should not be initiated against him over his call to boycott Muslim vendors.

Such Islamophobia is certainly troubling.

But I find myself wondering why it is that anyone thought that after they literally partitioned their country, it would become possible for Moslems and non-Moslems to live peacefully beside one another.

Is it because they read a book by a Jew? 

In the chaos that this lockdown hoax has caused, we are going to be seeing these old problems flare up. I suspect that a pogrom is coming for the Moslems of India.

Maybe they should have just lived in Pakistan or Bangladesh?