Indian Government Sending Out Inspectors to Verify That People are Using Toilets

Daily Slave
January 5, 2015

Pretty sick – but clearly these mud people are just as evolved as White Europeans.

India has a problem with people taking dumps in the open which has resulted in a major sanitation issue for the country.  Many Indians believe that defecating in the open is preferable to using a toilet.  This has obviously created a number of problems.

As a result of this, the Indian government is now sending out inspectors to make sure that people are using toilets.

So even though the Indians are still trying to solve the problem of open defecation, the Indians as a society are no different than us White people according to the Jew run media.  That’s comical when you consider this story.

City Lab:

India has a lot more to overcome than just a mass installation of toilets and latrines. In a recent survey of 3,200 rural households by Delhi-based Research Institute for Compassionate Economics, half of respondents who didn’t have a toilet believed that “defecating in the open is the same or better for health than using a latrine.” Most people who owned a government-constructed latrine still chose to use the outdoors. Some end up using their loo for storage or extra living space.

Modi’s administration announced Wednesday that sanitary inspectors will soon be going door-to-door to “check and verify the use of toilets,” using tablets or phones to publish results online in “real time,” according to a press release. “Earlier, the monitoring was done only about the construction of toilets, but now the actual use of toilets will be ascertained.”

All races are exactly the same so it is their culture that makes them want to poop outside, even when toilets are available.  Oh but don’t you dare question their culture, goyim – all cultures are exactly the same in value.  In fact, now that I think about it, I am pretty sure the Indian government is racist against itself for telling these colorful people not to crap outside.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.