Indian-Funded Children’s Video Says Billionaires Like Bill Gates are Saving the World

A strange children’s cartoon has appeared showing Bill Gates as a hero.

Is Bill Gates a hero?

Is he our master?


An ‘educational’ YouTube channel targeting children has released a creepy video warning its young viewers that the world would become a much worse place if Microsoft founder Bill Gates and other billionaires disappeared.

In the bizarre video titled ‘What if Bill Gates Disappeared?’ and labeled with the hashtags #kids, #children, and #education, the narrator cautions that if Gates disappeared, “a highly respected billionaire will be missed by many.”

Released in January, but only gaining attention in recent days, the animation shows two cartoon men labeled as ‘Clean Energy’ and ‘Doctors Association’, crying after the cartoon Gates disappears and stops giving them stacks of cash.

The video goes on to warn that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the “largest private charitable foundation worldwide” and that if he disappeared, “philanthropy will take a big hit.” It added that if Gates were to vanish, other billionaires might also stop giving money to charity.

Gates’ disappearance could also lead to “climate conservation efforts” taking a “hit,” and “fossil fuels might make a comeback,” the narrator says. He then concludes somberly that Warren Buffett, the famous American investor and fellow billionaire, would “dearly miss his best friend.” A cartoon Buffett is seen sitting on a bench and sobbing.

The strange video appeared on the child-targeted ‘AumSum Time’ channel – previously known as ‘Smart Learning for All’ – which has over two million subscribers and nearly 600 million total views spread across all of its videos. According to LinkedIn, the channel is based in India and was founded by Chinmay Shah.

Yes, we haven’t really talked about the role that Indians are currently playing in this strange New World Order.

We probably should, at some point, talk about exactly what these Indians are up to. Because they are all of a sudden popping up everywhere, doing all sorts of things that I do not appreciate.

Right now, they’re piggy-backing onto the agenda of Western billionaires, but clearly, they have their own agenda which has yet to manifest.

Indians are also playing a big role in the neocon project, given that they want a war with China. There are many of them in these think tanks, such as the Hudson Institute, where Mike Pompeo is currently working to develop a strategy of war against China for the Biden Administration.