Indian Ambassador Praises US for Giving American Jobs to Indians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2019

Obviously, American politicians pretend to not understand the concept of a “zero-sum game.”

It is such an easy concept to understand in the context of a jobs market that it is insane to me that no one calls them out on it, but that’s where we are and I can’t change that.

The Indians themselves understand the concept, so they are very quick to thank American politicians for sacrificing the jobs of their own people to Indians.


India’s government and companies are openly pushing for the U.S. Senate passage of a bipartisan “country caps” bill that would reward 100,000 Indian graduates per year with green cards if they take technology jobs in America.

“I must compliment the U.S. House of Representatives for adopting the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants bill which removes country caps on the H1B visas,” Indian ambassador Harsh Shringla told a D.C. meeting of lobbyists and advocates on Tuesday.

He continued: “I think this is an important initiative. We have worked with congressmen across the board, and we’re happy this is a bipartisan initiative in Congress, and we’re hopeful the Senate would follow course and also adopt the bill.”

The meeting at the Wilson Center in D.C. was arranged by NASSCOM, an Indian trade association, which includes many companies that use the H-1B visa program to place Indian software programmers in U.S. jobs. NASSCOM’s chairman, Keshav Murugesh, told the group at the Wilson Center:

The whole idea of these [executive] fly-ins, and NASSCOM coming in, and interacting with people on this side of the pond, is to make sure that we are continuously enabling the availability of skilled talent, and also working with the powers that be, and the government, to ensure that bad policy does not impact the great progress that we have made.

At least four lobbyists were hired by NASSCOM members to push the House’s version of the green card outsourcing bill, which is also supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Ambassador Shringla endorsed NASSCOM’s lobbying for the green cards, saying:

So let me once again congratulate NASSCOM and its members for their efforts to engage, not only U.S. industry, but also U.S. society, of the advantages of this very important cooperation. Your efforts will aso be given greater value by the cooperation you have with the Wilson Center — it will provide you with the intellectual heft and backing of a major U.S. think tank.

Shringla also thanked two former GOP politicians — former Sen. Spencer Abraham and former Michigan Gov. John Engler — for “supporting the effort.”

The push to remove “country caps” on green cards is part of a broader lobbying push to expand the U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy, estimated by Murugesh to include $78 billion of work each year. That total is greater than the economy of Maine or Delaware.

The outsourcing economy is built on the various visa programs that allow U.S. companies and Indian subcontractors to keep several hundred thousand Indian college graduates in U.S. jobs. These workers are not immigrants but are contract workers. At least one million non-immigrant, foreign graduates hold U.S. jobs, including at least 800,000 Indians.

The U.S.-based Indian workers in the H-1B, H4EAD, L-1, and OPT programs also help move large segments of the United States’ information-technology infrastructure back into lower-wage workers throughout India.

This outsourcing economy has absorbed large slices of the U.S. software business as well as large segments of the technology infrastructure in the banking, health insurance, telecommunications, and retail sectors. For example, lower-wage Indian software workers helped write software for Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft and President Barack Obama’s Obamacare website. They have moved software jobs for Disney’s office in Florida to India, and they run large offices in many companies, such as Anthem, Deloitte, and AT&T.

Many the outsourced jobs in 2017 are displayed here at

The program reduces wages for Americans and also pulls business investment away from heartland states and into a few coastal cities dominated by Democrats.

The country cap bill would dramatically increase the incentive for Indians to take lower-wage jobs in the United States by quadrupling the Indian share of the green cards awarded via companies. The bill would spike the Indians’ share of green cards from roughly 23,000 in 2017 to perhaps 100,000 in 2023.

The current level of 23,000 green cards per year encourages at least 600,000 Indian workers to accept U.S. jobs with low wages and long hours. Many of those jobs are in Indian-run firms that lease Indian workers to other U.S.-based companies at low wages.

The huge export of white-collar jobs to Indians in the United States and to Indians in India has boosted stock values on Wall Street, partly by compressing salaries for American graduates.

I literally can’t even.

How can you frame this as anything other than “American politicians are purposefully destroying America in order to forward a brutal globalist Jew agenda”?

What is the other interpretation?

Why is no one doing anything about this?