India Will Teach 10-Year-Old Indians How to Steal Americans’ Programming Jobs

“Learn to code” is much less viable as a career choice if billions of Indians know how to code and are willing to do it for significantly less than the basic costs of living in Western countries.

American companies moving software jobs to India like they’ve moved manufacturing to China would be a particularly nightmarish scenario.


As per the new education policy approved by the Narendra Modi-led government, students in India will be taught coding as a subject from as early as class 6. Typically, students in the 6th standard are roughly around 10-11 yrs of age. The aim of teaching programming skills in schools is to help them acquire 21st-century skills.

This announcement was made in by Education Ministry officials at a press conference in the presence of Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.

The world is advancing highly in technology, and several job roles today requires coding skills in candidates. So keeping the future in mind, programming skills can ensure a greater exposure to technical knowledge in early stages and help students progress easily if they wish to take up a technical career ahead.

As long as H1-B visas are a thing, Americans doing software development are directly threatened by Indians. Companies often hire these people to work remotely, too. With remote work being the default in America now due to the coronavirus hoax, a lot of companies are going to start crunching the numbers and realize that there isn’t any significant difference in hiring someone who lives down the road and someone who lives on the other side of the planet.

Indians are cheaper than automation, robots and AI, and they feel entitled to America’s wealth.

There’s more than a billion Indians over there, dreaming the American dream.

They’re coming.