India Still Hasn’t Legalized Anal Marriage, Court Says It’s Against the Family Concept

India still hasn’t gone full anal.

Indian Express:

The Centre on Thursday opposed a batch of petitions seeking recognition and registration of same-sex marriages in the country and told the Delhi High Court that living together as partners and having sexual relationship by same-sex individuals is not comparable with the “Indian family unit concept” of a husband, wife and children.

By and large the institution of marriage has a sanctity attached to it and in major parts of the country, it is regarded as a sacrament. In our country, despite statutory recognition of the relationship of marriage between a biological man and a biological woman, marriage necessarily depends upon age-old customs, rituals, practices, cultural ethos and societal values,” the Centre told the court in response to the petitions seeking recognition and registration of same-sex marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act, the Special Marriage Act and the Foreign Marriage Act.

The Centre also said despite that decriminalisation of Section 377 under Indian Penal Code by the Supreme Court, the petitioners cannot claim a fundamental right for same-sex marriage under the laws of the country and that Article 21 is subject to the procedure established by law and “the same cannot be expanded to extend to include the fundamental right for a same sex marriage to be recognised under the laws of the country which in fact mandate the contrary.”

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