India: Science Teacher is Given a 3-Year-Old Child to Sacrifice in Ritual

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2019

A lot of racists will point at this sort of thing and say that these people are a bunch of disgusting savages, and so should not be allowed to transfer their entire population to the United States and Europe.

However, the absolute scientific fact of reality is that these people only do this sort of thing because they live in India, which is a third world shithole.

Why is it a shithole?

Because of white people – colonialism, the Hall of Cost, slavery, the Crusades and so on.

Once they are all living in America and Europe, they will finally stop doing things like this, once and for all.


Police in India have saved a 3-year-old girl from imminent death at the hands of her own relatives, as they planned to “sacrifice” the toddler after getting the green light from her parents, local media reports.

The chilling incident took place in the Ganakpara village of Udalguri district on Saturday. Police arrived at the scene after they were alerted by villagers who spotted smoke billowing from the house of a local science teacher, identified as Jadab Saharia.

They became even more alarmed when they saw the teacher, along with his male and female family members, taking off their clothes after putting the 3-year-old on an impromptu altar, NDTV reports. The blood-curdling ceremony was to be conducted by a priest, armed with a long sword. The situation escalated quickly when the “priest” began brandishing his sword in an attempt to chop off the toddler’s head as part of the gruesome ritual.

All pleas to the family to stop the bloodshed were in vain, and only angered the priest, who started threatening the villagers who sought to prevent the crime, with an axe and a sword. The family was unperturbed by the arrival of media and police, and the group’s erratic behavior only grew worse, as they started hurling rocks and utensils at police and set fire to their belongings, including a motorcycle, TV set, car, and fridge.

You know who taught them to act like that?

The British East India Company.

Eventually, the officers wrestled the child away from the gang and placed the family members and their machete-wielding religious leader under arrest.

The child turned out to be a relative of her tormentors – the daughter of the science teacher’s sister-in-law. The toddler was reportedly handed over to the man voluntarily by her father. The girl was apparently to be killed with her own mother watching.

What they need is more education.

How is a person supposed to know that giving over their 3-year-old daughter to be sacrificed by a science teacher in a satanic ritual is wrong if no one ever taught them that?

When I was in fourth grade, we had an entire 3-week program called “why you shouldn’t give your toddler over to be sacrificed in a satanic ritual.” If I hadn’t gone through that program, there’s no doubt that instead of typing this article right now, I would be attending a satanic child sacrifice ritual. We all would be.

There is a thin line between drinking a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and engaging in child sacrifice, and that thin line is called the Western eduction system.

It’s time to recognize that it is our duty in the West to go into third world countries and transfer their entire populations to the West, so our fully enlightened and perfectly just educational system can teach them the proper way to exist.

This is the only correct moral position, according to the divine moral imperative of democracy and human rights.