India: Russian Tourist Viciously Mutilated for Ringing a Bell

Daily Stormer
March 1, 2014


Don’t go to India, people.  These are savages.  And the whole place is sickening dirty anyway.

From the Daily Mail:

A Russian tourist has been left with horrific injuries after he was allegedly beaten after offending locals when he rang a sacred religious bell.

Sergey Bogdanov has now sent a video message to President Putin appealing for help to get him back home.

The 28-year-old had gone on holiday to India and ended up settling for a while in the village of Mandrem when the incident happened.

Mr Bogdanov, from the Russian seaport city of Kaliningrad, said he was badly beaten by a mob after ringing the bell and was even refused help by doctors.

He told Russian media by telephone: ‘It seemed really peaceful here and the locals are friendly, all that changed when I went to a local temple to take a few pictures and I saw a bell which I rang.

‘Apparently the bell is only rung on sacred days when somebody dies, and before I knew it there was a mob rushing up to the temple and I was dragged out onto the streets and kicked and beaten with sticks.

‘Some monks dragged me away from the mob but they then didn’t help me at all, and I had to make my own way to the local medical centre where the doctors had heard about my apparently sacrilegious act – and they also refused to help me other than giving me a few bandages.

Mr. Putin, bring this boy home.

Sergey Bogdanov was just looking for a good time.
Sergey Bogdanov was just looking for a good time.