India: Hindu Worshipers Pray to a Disused Public Toilet for a Year After Mistaking It for a Temple

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

The public toilet pictured at the time worshipers were praying to it.

These are the kinds of people that are good for the American economy and for Silly-Con Silicon Valley. They may be unable to tell toilet from temple, but they sure are good at taking America’s computer-related jobs.

Daily Mail:

Worshippers have prayed outside a locked building, which they believed to be a temple but was in fact a disused toilet, for more than a year.

The building, in Maudaha in the Hamirpur district, was painted saffron and shaped like a temple.

Saffron is a religious colour in Hindu cultures and the building has now been painted pink to avoid any further confusion.

Are all bathrooms in India colored like a Hindu temple though? Or do they just prefer to do their pooping in the streets?

The color has been changed to avoid confusion.

Why do they need color to tell the difference between pooping places and praying places?

Local residents prayed and performed puja (a religious ritual) outside the locked doors of the toilet building for more than a year before realising their mistake.

Honey Singh, who runs a general store near the toilet, told News 18: ‘I have a shop in front of the toilet and due to its colour, people used to mistake it for a temple and would bow down in front of it.

‘After the colour was changed, the confusion seems to have cleared.’

Imagine Indians bowing down and praying to a toilet. It is almost poetic.

That place really is some kind surreal hellish landscape.

It should serve as a warning of what happens when the primitive-skinned are allowed to breed.

Daily Mail:

Shocking photos show thousands of Indian people praying in a river near Delhi polluted with toxic foam.

Authorities declared a health emergency in Delhi last week, with air pollution so bad that schools were forced to close and the number of cars on the road were limited.

And the pollution problem also affected the Yamuna River, which provides drinking water to the city’s nearly 20 million residents.

The river was filled with toxic foam, caused partly by high ammonia levels emanating from industrial pollutants.

A Hindu festival saw thousands of devotees offering prayers while standing in the toxic foam.

But despite the startling images, Delhi doesn’t even rank in top 10 most polluted cities in India.

It is infact down in 14th place, with 13 other cities having higher recorded levels of pollution.

But the spotlight was shone on Delhi recently, with the images of people praying in the toxic river just the latest to show the level of pollution affecting the city.

Don’t worry though. Once they set foot in America, they’ll stop acting like Indians and start acting like Americans. This is good because for some reason Americans in America don’t act like Americans, which is why we have to import foreigners that don’t act like Americans in their own countries to come to America and start acting like Americans.

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