India: Dangerous Necromancer Decapitates Human Sacrifice in Temple’s Shrine to Put an End to Pandemic

70-year-old necromancer Sansari Ojha.

After the coronavirus pandemic ends and everyone is safe from this flu-tier virus, you should remember the brave men who actually did something to stop this harmless pathogen — because the lockdown is definitely not doing anything to stop the spread, and it may have actually aided it.

An old necromancer has decapitated a human sacrifice in an attempt to stop coronavirus from making people cough.

Daily Mail:

A 70-year-old priest decapitated a man as a sacrifice to end the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday in India.

Sansari Ojha from the Brahmani Devi Temple under Narasinghpur police station in Cuttack cut off 52-year-old Saroj Kumar Pradhan’s head.

The Hindu priest from the Bandhahuda area in Odisha killed the man to appease a goddess, he claimed.

He beheaded Pradhan with an axe at 1am in the morning in the temple’s shrine after an argument.

Detective Ashish Kumar Singh said Ojha was heavily drunk at the time and surrendered to police the same day after coming to his senses.

He said Ojha claimed he was ordered by a goddess in his dream to sacrifice a human in order to bring an end to the pandemic.

Alok Ranjan Ray, Athagarh sub-divisional police officer, said: ‘The priest claimed that he saw a goddess in his dream and was asked to sacrifice a human’s life to bring an end to coronavirus.

‘Hence, to appease the goddess, he decapitated the man,’ he told Gulf News.

Police say they have began an investigation and both men were known to be smoking marijuana before the attack.

The government, the media, and the police are clearly trying to cover this up and discredit the necromantic arts because they want the virus to stay around in order to have an excuse for the permanent house arrest lifestyle that they’re promoting.

But they were sloppy, and admitted that the sacrifice took place in the temple’s shrine, which suggests that the human sacrifice was willing.

The only reason why they’d discourage people from sacrificing other people after strange beings in their dreams told them to, is because they want the panic pandemic to continue.

On that note, this is the effect of the Doom Virus hysteria: people who really believe in the coronavirus hoax are desperate for it to end, and they’re willing to try anything.

People who think that beheading others is an acceptable action to end the pandemic, when offered a vaccine as the key to end the virus threat, are much more likely to accept it. But even if people are not willing to go as far as beheading others yet, that is the end goal of all of the hysteria, all of the lockdown extensions, and all of the lunatic social distancing rules.

They want people to be desperate enough to accept anything presented as the way out.