India: Celebrity Vaccine Promoter Dies After Receiving Vaccine Amidst Claim Virus Deaths Increasing

An Indian celebrity and vaccine promoter has died from health complications apparently related to the coronavirus vaccine, the Times of India reports.

The 59-year-old Tamil actor, comedian and musician known as Vivek had been serving as a “green ambassador” for India, working to reduce plastic pollution. When the coronavirus vaccine was produced, he took a role in publicly promoting the experimental drug.

On April 15, Vivek made a show of publicly receiving a dose of Covaxin, a coronavirus vaccine produced by Indian company Bharat Biotech. He received the shot at the Tamil Nadu Government Multi Super Specialty Hospital, which is a public hospital. In India, as is the case in most third world countries, public hospitals are considered less safe than private hospitals, and Vivek was trying to make the point that the vaccine is safe for everyone to get, even if they are too poor to visit a private hospital.

The day after receiving the vaccine, Vivek experienced breathlessness and chest pain. He was then admitted to the private SIMS hospital in Chennai. Doctors deemed his condition critical after discovering blood clots, including one in the left anterior artery which led to congestive heart failure. He died on April 17, and received a state funeral.

Bizarrely, the hospital released a statement claiming that the vaccine played no role in his death, implying that it was just a coincidence.

Many people in India are protesting against the vaccine following Vivek’s death. A viral video posted to Twitter shows what appears to be a local Tamil community leader outside of the hospital where the actor died speaking some hardcore common sense which lines up directly with what we’ve been saying for a year here on the Daily Stormer.

The man in the video refuses to put on a mask, and then asks, “Are the people of India guinea pigs? Or are we rabid dogs? You will just jab people like that? What are the contents of that vaccine?”

He goes on to say that taking a daily vitamin supplement will protect healthy people from respiratory infection, and demands to know why people are being compelled to take the vaccine. He further says that he’s been saying for a year (just like I have!) that if you stopped the testing for the virus, the virus would disappear.

He then says that the vaxxers are killing people, and asks how many they are willing to kill.

This is a very prescient question, because the international media has been claiming for days that India is experiencing an overwhelming “spike” in “coronavirus deaths.”

This does not appear anything like the previous “pandemic” we’ve seen across the world, where governments were falsely trumping up deaths. People absolutely do appear to be really dying. There are universally agreed-upon reports and images of hospitals and morgues being overwhelmed. There are pictures everywhere on the internet of bodies being mass-burned.

Famous people are also dying. The claim is that 2,000-3,000 people a day are dying, but the actual numbers could be higher. What this appears to be is the first legitimate situation of mass death anywhere in the world since the dawn of the coronavirus.

I had refrained from commenting on this Indian situation for several days, as I wanted to look at the facts, and observe the narrative. What I have concluded is that although we cannot be certain, the single most likely explanation for the spike in deaths appears to be the vaccine itself.

That may sound like an outrageous assertion, but I am cautiously confident that it is the single most likely explanation for a rise in deaths. Virtually every country that has rolled out any of these vaccines has experienced an increase in deaths attributed to the virus. The correlation between the vaccine doses distributed and the deaths from the virus simply overlap too much for this not to be the immediate assumption.

The media in every country is now under a total lockdown, and is committed completely to promoting these vaccines. In order to believe that this recent jump in deaths is caused by the virus, you have to simply trust the media. As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, there are no official datasets regarding vaccine-related deaths being released by Western governments and you are simply required to trust the media. The same is true in India.

India claims at time of writing to have administered 143 million doses of the various coronavirus vaccines. Approximately 120 million of those shots have been given in the last six weeks. The alleged coronavirus death toll also began to shoot up six weeks ago, now allegedly reaching double what it was at the highest supposed death rate in 2020.

Both of those charts are from Google, based on official data from the government of India.

Ask yourself: what possible chance is there that these two charts overlap like that by coincidence?

You should go read the official explanations of the media, of course, before coming to any conclusions. Spoiler: their explanation is that India repealed the lockdown too early, and allowed people to gather publicly too soon, not having done enough vaccinations.

Note again: this is the first time, anywhere in the world, that we have seen a significant increase in total deaths since the beginning of this supposed pandemic. It is the first time we have seen “pandemic like conditions” anywhere in the world.

India has responded to the “COVID surge” by increasing the rate of vaccination. In theory, if the vaccine is causing the deaths, this should lead to a continued increase in deaths, and then eventually a sharp drop in deaths after most people who are willing to get the vaccine have done so.