India: 133 People Dead from TOXIC HOOCH BREW

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2019

“Let’s sink another drink, and it’ll give me time to – OH NO I’M DYING THE ALCOHOL KILLED ME LOL.” 

Indians may be filthy fecespeople, but I’ll tell you what: they know how to party.


At least 133 people have died and more than 200 others have been hospitalized after consuming tainted alcohol in India, officials said.

The victims consumed unregulated moonshine, known locally as “country-made liquor.”

Police arrested 10 people and are questioning others suspected of being involved in the supply of liquor in the area, said Mukesh Agarwal, a senior police official in Golaghat district in northeastern Assam state.

The first cases, reported Thursday evening, indicated most victims were tea garden workers, said Manoj Baruah, an official in Jorhat, the other district where cases were reported.

“It is a case of alcohol poisoning, and it has affected a few tea gardens and villages surrounding them in this district,” said Partha Pratim Saikia, a senior police official in Assam.

The normal thinking when you hear horror stories from a country is that you don’t want those people coming to your country because those types of things will then begin happening in your country.

But what we are being told by the Jews is this:

  1. White people are somehow responsible for third world people doing things like this, and
  2. If they are brought into white countries, they will start behaving normally for no reason

It doesn’t make any sense.

If you see your neighbor beating his dog, eating a piece of wood, and then running around in his backyard masturbating, you don’t say “I’d better invite him to come live in my house with me and my family so he stops acting like that.”

If some Jew told you that you need to invite a bunch of deranged people to live in your house, you would think he was purposefully trying to harm you.

indian bobs and vagene

The thought process that inviting people with problems to live with you and bring all of their problems into your family home only ever is applied to mass third world immigration.

I do not want any more of these disgusting stinky poopmen in my country. In fact, I want the ones that are already here to leave.