Income Crisis: 20 Million Americans Who Still Have Jobs Getting Paid Less, Hours Cut

This is only just getting started.


Millions of Americans who managed to hold onto their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic have seen their incomes drop as employers slashed wages and hours to weather what they expected to be a short-term shutdown.

Now, with the virus raging and the recession deepening, those cuts that were meant to be temporary could turn permanent — or even pave the way for further layoffs. That could portend deep damage to the labor market and the economy because so many workers who have kept their jobs have less money to spend than a few months ago.

The numbers haven’t received the same attention as job losses, which are highlighted every week in government data. But at least 4 million U.S. workers have received pay cuts since February even as they continued working the same job, and millions more have seen pay freezes, according to economists from the Federal Reserve and University of Chicago who put out a study analyzing data from the payroll processing company ADP.

Other estimates put it higher: Roughly 7 million workers have likely received a dock in pay, according to Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. Combined with those who have been forced to log fewer hours, the number climbs to 20 million people — or 1 in 8 workers — who have seen their paychecks shrink over the past few months even as they continued to work, underscoring how much harm shutdowns have caused beyond layoffs alone.

“We have an income crisis that is even larger than a jobless crisis,” Claudia Sahm, director of macroeconomic policy at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, wrote on Twitter recently.

“There’s so much that falls under that,” Sahm, who previously worked at the Federal Reserve, said in an interview, referring to the “income crisis” label. “There’s these massive job losses. There’s hours being cut, overtime being lost. And then on top of that — and this is something we just really haven’t seen at all — is a large fraction of workers taking cuts in their wages.”

The economy is currently totally fake. It is being propped up by massive amounts of money printing.

Either they’re going to keep printing it and eventually cause hyperinflation, or they’re going to stop printing it and there will no longer be anything to hold this up. Either way, we are facing down the most massive economic crisis in history, and the media and government are being very causal about it.

This stuff is barely even getting reported. Instead, they focus on the coronavirus hoax itself, the racism hoax, whatever other lunatic delusion. When the economic fallout hits, they want everyone to be completely disconnected from reality, so that no one starts to organize some kind of resistance to the system.

A total collapse like this would be the time when you would organize opposition, if you wanted to do that, but unfortunately, there are no leaders, and the masses will be stabbing each other and running around in circles with their masks on accusing people of being secret white supremacists.

This is all just mass trauma.

You should research MK Ultra and the concept of “trauma-based mind control.” The basic concept is that when you cause a person serious personal trauma on such a scale that their psyche cannot handle it, their personality completely collapses and you have a blank slate to write a new person on.

That is what they are doing to the entire society right now. They are using trauma to wipe the whole thing out, and they will write a new society on the blank slate.

The Jews are planning to realize their bizarre ancient satanic tribal agenda.

It’s going to be weird as hell and sick.