Incel Revenge Fantasy Comes True After Obese Man Loses the Weight and Hits the Gym

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2019




It’s never too late to lose the weight and reclaim your human form.

Daily Mail:

A fast food addict who was rejected by girls throughout his teenage years for being obese has undergone a fat-to-fit transformation – and now has the same women asking him out on dates.

Anthony Bayer, 26, from the Gold Coast in Queensland had always struggled with his weight and was the target of cruel jokes throughout his time at high school.

But his self-confidence plummeted to an all-time low after he reached his heaviest weight of 157kg (24st 7lbs) and was having to wear size 42 trousers and 3XL shirts.

He was even once tricked into going to his school formal with a girl – only to discover it was a prank when he slammed the door in his face after he arrived at her home in a rented limo and wearing a new suit.

But since shedding 60kg, he feels more confident than ever, and now the women who rejected him in high school are asking him out on dates.

Five years ago, his fear that his size would stop him from finding love coupled with a warning from his doctor meant he decided to turn his life around and hit the gym.

And now Anthony looks completely unrecognisable after dropping 60kg (9st 4lbs) and five clothing sizes, and feels more confident than ever flaunting his new 97kg (15st 3lbs) muscular physique.

The slimmer said he now has no problems meeting women – revealing that the same girl who pulled the prom prank on him in high school even sent him a message years later apologising for being a bully and wanting to go on a date.

Business owner Anthony said: ‘High school was really hard for me being that size. Kids are always cruel to anyone who looks different, so I had it rough.

I really liked this girl at my school. She was very popular, and all the guys thought she was the hottest girl in our grade.

I thought she was really pretty, and I must have been crazy, but I decided I’d ask her to the school dance.

‘It was my final year of school, and I just thought “why not?”. I was anticipating for her to reject me straight away and just laugh in my face.

‘But amazingly, she said yes, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited for the dance that I bought a new suit, got a haircut and hired a limo.

I wanted to impress her. I nervously drove to her house, walked up and rang the bell. She opened it and just said ‘sorry, you’re too fat to fit through the door’ and slammed the door in my face.

Well played, slut. Well played.

That was a pretty good fat-shaming move.

‘I was heartbroken. I went back to the limo and cried my eyes out. But then I gathered myself, and thought well, you have a suit on so you might as well go to the dance.

But I had a terrible time, and everyone laughed and bullied me when they found out what happened. It was horrible.

‘I sank into a major depression after that, which lasted years after high school ended. I never thought anyone could love me and that I’d be alone forever.’

‘I never thought about my health until my doctor said I was about to get diabetes. I broke down in tears and realised I needed to change my life.

‘I stopped eating fast food and began cooking for myself. I also stepped foot into a gym for the first time back in 2014 and haven’t looked back.’

There are two main things to talk about here.

The first one is that if you’re fat or straight-up obese, you have to understand that there’s nothing wrong with your body. The problem is in your mind. Your body is meant to be able to store excess calories as fat, so you getting fat is a consequence of the combination of your body working properly and your mind not working properly.

Being able to store fat is a good thing. This environment where abundant, cheap calories are available pretty much everywhere is a new thing. In the past, sometimes you managed to catch prey, sometimes you didn’t. Sometimes you found some berries, sometimes you didn’t. When you did find food, being able to eat more than what was immediately needed to sustain your body allowed you to live through times where food was scarce. Kinda like a battery.

Don’t resent your body for doing what it needs to do in order to keep you alive in a natural environment. Be grateful that everything is working properly.

Burning that fat is a matter of willpower and fixing your mental framework.

The second thing to talk about here is that women lose value as they get older because women are born with their value (womb). Teenage women are at the peak of their value, as they have the most baby-making potential. Teenage men don’t have much going for them, other than their looks. They haven’t had the time to build their empire, learn lots of things and get really strong and powerful, and this hinders their “sexual value” in the eyes of women.

26-year-old men are much more valuable than 26-year-old women. The slut from this story, who contacted the man after all those years, is way below him in terms of sexual value because her intrinsic value (womb) is rapidly deteriorating (fertility), while his value (power) is increasing.

To make the most out of your potential as a man, never stop facing challenges and embrace struggle.

To make the most out of your potential as a woman, don’t waste your youth whoring around. Your teenage beauty is the currency that allows you to afford a quality man.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

It doesn’t ever come back.