Incel Addendum: Romeo and Juliet by Mark Knopfler

We will have our revenge. And we will take everything we deserve.

I wrote a big article about the media response to incels the other day, and the fact that the incel phenomenon is just one symptom of the total breakdown of the family – a scheme organized by Jews to destroy Christian society under the pretext of ensuring that women face no consequences for their decisions.

I often organize my longer essays in my brain ahead of time, before sitting down to write. Much of what I write just spills out of my hands like oozing pus from the gangrene wound of some pirate scoundrel on a primitive operating table in the backroom of a Singapore bordello. But sometimes I do think it through. When I was thinking through my latest incel piece, I thought I wanted to include Mark Knopfler’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

The song is about a relationship Knopfler had with a woman, who he claimed used him to advance her own music career. You don’t hear about anything like this anymore, because of feminism, and he would probably be arrested for writing it now in his native Britain. But in the 80s, you could still say that a girl seduced you, used your earned status to advance her own personal agenda, then dumped you – while you still loved her and didn’t understand how she could possibly have been so heartless.

In this, the song is effectively about all women. All women look at men as tools to be used as microscopic cogs in their catastrophic plans. It is simply a biological fact that a woman cannot do anything for herself. The only thing she can do is manipulate men into doing things for her.

This is the logic of marriage: if a woman wants a man to do something for her, she has to sign a contract that says she will serve him “til death.” The primarily service she offers in this contract is the production of children. When women slip out of the bonds of this legal contract, as they fully have in the modern age, they are then able to use anyone who is willing to get sucked into the orbit of that gooey hole between their legs for their purposes, and this typically means climbing from man to man, leaving broken hearts, looted bank accounts, and destroyed lives in their wake.

Knopfler sings:

And I dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real
How can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals?

I thought of that line when I read this now infamous reddit post from a few months ago.

Even modern men have a sense of honor and morality, and could not possibly think of using a woman they claim to love in this fashion. It is therefore incomprehensible to men that women are capable of acting with such callous abandon in dealing with them.

When a woman tells a man “I love you,” he thinks she means the same thing that he means when he says it. In fact, she means “I love what I’m getting from you right now.” Those emotions that she is feeling can be turned off completely as soon as she is not getting as much as she wants to get out of a man.

That is again what marriage is for: the woman can’t get out of it. She can just take off running, but that means she is a social pariah. In the age of marriage, it was not simply men who would look at a divorced woman as a low type of evil beast, but also other women. Abandonment was a kind of social suicide, and even her own parents would reject her. This is the importance of social bonds, of social conventions, of taboos, of religion (a word that means “to bind together”) – it’s the importance of all of the things that the Jews who took over our society said were outmoded and primitive and should be replaced with “progressive” notions of free love and liberation.

How it started
How it’s going
Also how it’s going
Also this

The destruction that this social transformation has wrought is all around us. Incels are one part of that, but divorce and single motherhood are an even bigger part of it. Another part is the current situation where millennial women – who spent their teens and twenties using their pussies as a VIP pass to everywhere – are now hitting the age where it is going to be too late to have kids, and no one is interested in these burned out old roasties. That’s sad for these whores, who are going to live the rest of their lives alone, or “dating” various low quality men who would be willing to date an infertile old woman. But it’s even sadder for society as a whole, that has to support this parasitical cohort of worthless, childless women, which I’ve dubbed the Cunt Class. Women who refuse to produce children should logically be euthanized on their 35th birthday, as after that point, they can do nothing but suck energy out of society. They have nothing to offer. The Cunt Class is a millstone.

Taken on the whole, this is a freefall collapse of society. Those Jews who told you that these traditions were outmoded were lying. The liberation agenda failed, miserably, and created a terrible mess that cannot be cleaned up short of a brutal White Taliban type scenario.

We must seize the means of reproduction. 

Knopfler sings:

You promised me everything you promised me thick and thin yeah
Now you just say oh Romeo yeah you know I used to have a scene with him

Any child of divorce knows this sentiment well. The disdain that a woman has for a man who is no longer of use to her is hardwired into their psyche. This is why sons of divorce/single mothers effectively make themselves into slaves to women – they never want to end up like their father, thrown away as worthless, used garbage.

A woman’s word is worthless. It means absolutely nothing. Therefore: the legal, binding contract, and the social norms to back up that contract.

The Jews attacked the social norms first, of course, through their lunatic “free sex” agenda in the 1960s. If you want to get a real hard look at that scene, and the fallout we’re all experiencing, you can read Michel Houellebecq’s The Elementary Particles. However, I will warn you: though it is a plainly fascist book, it is also brutally pornographic, and has one chapter that depicts satanic ritual snuff films. There is heavy and hardcore vitriol in this book. He claims that the serial killers of the 1990s were the spiritual children of the free love movement of the 1960s, that the destruction of the familial bonds that took place in the 1960s laid the groundwork for pure individualism and selfishness, which he supposes ultimately led to twisted sadism and satanism. He blames the entire thing on America, i.e., Jewish run Hollywood and the various other organs of the Jewish Entertainment Industrial Complex.

The only way to fix any of this is to give up on the concept of female liberation, entirely, and reestablish a social order that views women as subservient to men. Obviously, at this point, the entire society is so geared towards promoting the inexplicable and power-mad agenda of women that there is no possible way to dial any of it back, short of a complete destruction of the current social order and the recreation of a new order from the ground up.

These women demanded the pipe be laid for their own purposes. We’ve got piping out the wazoo, and the piper just delivered the bill and there’s simply no way we can pay it. We have to default on the piper’s payment and go into bankruptcy and start over.

There will be a White Taliban. There is no other possible outcome than exactly that.