In the Midst of Psychological Collapse, Sargon of Akkad Declares Himself Leader of Bizarre Cult

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2018

Sargon has issued an apology for his poor debate performance against Richard Spencer – and during that apology, declared that he is now the leader of a bizarre cult!

Basically, Sargon had nowhere to go other than down, down, down, having been brutally destroyed by the Alt-Right’s worst debater – so he decided to go up! Up straight to the top! Of a cult!

And get this: he’s calling it “The Liberalists”! He frames this like he’s forming a political movement, but no one announces a political movement and gives it a name! You do that with cults!

He says that he’s going to do real life meet-ups, and try to convert people to his beliefs. If that was as simple as your plan was, you could just go do it – there is no need to announce it with a declaration of a name.

After having declared himself leader, Akkad then decided to go up against the number one guy on the internet famous for making people look stupid.

Mister Metokur was mocking Sargon’s freshly minted cult on Twitter and Sargon sent one of his minions to pull him into a stream

The stream was nuts.

Sargon declares that his purpose in forming the cult is to bring down his enemies – which include not only blue-haired feminists, but also the Alt-Right!

When Metokur asked him why he views the Alt-Right as enemies, he said it is because we say bad things about him. So he is forming a group of radical individuals to defend his honor. Also, he wants to stop trannies from brainwashing his son, which is tacked-on presumably to make the rest of it seem less confounding. But the Alt-Right already has a plan to solve that issue.

So the idea that he needs to form an organization in order to fight this particular issue is nonsense. He could just join the Alt-Right like everyone else if this was a genuine concern – and every legitimate concern he mentions is one that we would agree with. And I don’t say that to say “only the ones I agree with are legitimate,” but just that the rest of what he says is either “destroy my enemies” or something utterly vague and undefined.

The idea that his defeat by Richard Spencer didn’t prompt this move to form a group to defeat his enemies is evidenced by the fact that the video itself is framed both as an apology for losing the debate and a declaration of leadership.

The guy is off his bloody rocker, and the effect of having tens of thousands of people on the internet attacking him as pathetic for being unable to defend his own stated positions has rattled him to his core and he’s unable to hold it together.

He is used to winning, because he fights the lowest of low-hanging fruit in the form of SJWs. Him going against Spencer thinking he could do him the same way as he does Anita Sarkeesian was like a professional baby-kicker deciding to go fight a Gundam and attempting to use the same moves on it he uses to incapacitate babies.

He sees the writing on the wall – that his movement is collapsing due to it not being very interesting intellectually and not offering any actual solutions to anything.

And despite his belief in individualism, no one is actually an individual in real life – there is basic evolutionary biology involved here – so we have such an extreme upper-hand, being in accordance with the order of nature, that we can just grab all of his followers.

And there is the core of it: he believes that it might be possible to keep his followers by trying to rally them into a movement similar to the Alt-Right.

It’s a Hail Mary.

Because his only other option would be to join the dark side himself. But he would rather just collapse his career than do that.

This play, though admittedly the best he could have made, obviously won’t work.

I can’t think of anything else he could have done, to be honest, but he didn’t have to give it a name so everyone would accuse him of forming a cult and he didn’t have to make his first in-depth explanation of it on a stream with fucking Metokur.

He is not well.

I Still Don’t Know What He is On About

To be perfectly honest, I still don’t really have any idea what he is even advocating for.

He talks about John Locke, and basically that is an obsolete philosophical system that only currently remains in the public mind because it is useful for the system to have it there – radical individualism has been fully disproved by evolutionary psychology, and just basic reality itself, which demonstrates that people will naturally form groups and define their identity in relation to the group, which ironically is what he just announced he is doing. But more importantly, Locke wasn’t advocating for flooding Britain with brown people from everywhere.

Regardless of the idiocy of summoning up a dead philosophical system to make his arguments, his basic vague points about individual liberty, freedom of association and property rights I think everyone in the Alt-Right – and anyone else who isn’t a radical progressive leftist for that matter – would just take for granted. Because these things are obvious necessities of any society.

So the point of disagreement comes down solely to the race issue, and he isn’t able to explain why it is that anyone would want to live around third world parasites. We have done a pretty darned good job explaining why we don’t want to live around them.

So instead of addressing the core premise of “we want our own country,” he goes into bizarre hypotheticals about the logistics of actually removing these people from our countries.

The reason that he mixes discussion of individualism with discussion of race isn’t because they are actually related, but because he is callously trying to confuse his followers into believing they are related. Even if you believed the philosophy of Locke, he didn’t apply the tabula rasa to brown people. That philosophy was a product of a white European society and only ever intended to apply to such a society. So if you actually did believe that, you’d be pushing just as hard as anyone to have these people removed.

In order to apply Lockean individualism to brown people, you have to place it in the context of Boasian anthropology – the “race doesn’t exist” theory. And I assume that Sargon is unwilling to promote that particular theory, as if he were, he wouldn’t need all the weird logistics hypotheticals he threw at Spencer.

Bottom line: all of this reeks of a man who had a taste of power desperately attempting to hold onto that power in the face of a challenge to it. He cannot directly defeat the challenge, so he is using dishonest, snakelike tactics.

I will tell you this though: I sure do love the internet.