Insofar as I am a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

Over the last year, I’ve gotten a lot less media coverage than I used to. Almost none, in fact. Because a high-level think tank figured out I was fucking with the media, and told them to stop engaging.

When I was talked about a lot by the media, they would always refer to me as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” I still don’t really know what this is, so it is unclear to me if I actually am one.

The media and the Jewish organizations which have promoted this term have continually refused to define it.

Alex Jones has complained that the media has labeled him as “the Sandy Hook guy” because every time they talk about him they talk about the fact that he said Sandy Hook was a hoax. In fact, Alex Jones has promoted basically every conspiracy theory there is, and Sandy Hook was just a bit he did for a couple months back when the Internet was obsessed with the theory that Sandy Hook was staged and all the family members were crisis actors.

They’ve basically done a similar thing to me with the whole “Nazi” thing. I definitely think that the Holocaust is a hoax, and I don’t think Hitler did anything wrong. I also think the world would be a much better place if Hitler had won WWII. Obviously, I agree with a lot of things Hitler said, but pretty much all people alive in the 1930s would have agreed with most things Hitler said. If you go back and look at the British, Russian and American war propaganda, they weren’t promoting a war against Germany because Hitler was a racist or didn’t like Jews – they were promoting the idea that he was hellbent on taking over the world and forcing everyone to speak German. They also claimed that he hated freedom and Jesus.

History now recognizes that Hitler did not have a plan to take over the world, nor did he hate freedom and Jesus.

They also claimed that he was a bloodthirsty madman who just wanted to kill everyone.

And that isn’t the kind of thing anyone takes seriously outside of wartime.

Now they talk about how he was evil because he hated Jews, but if they would have tried to get people to go to war based on the claim he hated Jews, everyone would have been like “who doesn’t hate Jews?”

I have often said that my beliefs are exactly the same as any four of my great-grandfathers, and yes, that also means they are largely in-line with those of Adolf Hitler. But I am not called a “Neo-Great-Grandfatherist” – even though that term would be more descriptive and more accurate than “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.”

Historical revisionism on the issue of “evil Nazis” is something that is very important to me, but it is hardly what defines me as a writer and political activist.

Furthermore, I don’t even think that “historical revisionist who doesn’t agree with the assumption that Hitler was evil” is what is implied by the term “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.”

Even though the term has never been defined, the image that I have when I hear the term “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” – and I think most people are the same – is of a racist street gang like in the film “Romper Stomper” with Russell Crowe.

Being called this was funny to me. Really funny, in fact. And when the Jews were making this big deal of talking about me all the time and referring to me as if I was in a violent street gang of some sort, and then people came to the site and saw a bunch of jokes and memes and weeb stuff, it created a hilarious disconnect.

Back in 2014, I was actually arguing with journalists who called me by this term. I was like “I don’t even know what the fuck that is, but I’m not in a street gang, why are you calling me this?” I even got in an argument with Wikipedia editors who claimed that I was a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” because the media called me that, and it didn’t matter if I thought of myself as that. The Wikipedia editors couldn’t explain what it was, but they said I was it because the media said it.

When I realized how funny it was, I started referring to myself as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” in order to amplify the disconnect between Romper Stomper and my memes. I remember that sometime in 2015, I was talking to a Jew journalist from some publication, and he asked me how I identified and I said “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist.” He paused for a good several seconds and say “um, okay.” He knew that this was simply an insult, and not something people who are called that are supposed to identify as, and so he suspected a goyim trick was afoot. He printed the article without using the term.

But most of the media kept using it as they talked about me constantly and people kept coming to the site and seeing memes and thinking “lol wtf.” And that was what I wanted to happen.

And Then There was Charlottesville

Charlottesville was intended to be an “Alt-Right” rally. And I always thought of the Alt-Right as being what I was doing. I thought of it as normal, social people who like jokes and fun but are also totally fed-up with the Jews and the attacks on the white race.

But for whatever reason, the people who organized Charlottesville decided to invite groups that actually fit the stereotype of extremely anti-social, costume-wearing “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.”

This was a morbidly obese, cartoonish version of the Romper Stomper stereotype in real life which came to define the term “Alt-Right” in the public mind.

After Charlottesville, people who I had thought were on the same page as me as far as the Alt-Right being normal people who simply cared about facts and not an anti-social group of perverse weirdos continued to associate with these freakish fetishists and continued to solidify the brand I did a lot to help build as a sickening, humiliating circus show.

At that point, the “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” meme stopped being funny and the “Alt-Right” brand started being gay. Because with it came an association with imagery of anti-social fat slobs in goofy costumes.

Without being an elitist, being “cool” and “hip” and “sexy” is important to me. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t important to me on a personal level, but much more importantly, it is important to me on the level of promoting my agenda. I want to bring normal people into an understanding of these ideas I promote on this site, and one does not do that by having one’s image attached to gross freaks.

To be clear, I have literally zero sympathy for fat people. However, I do want to say that I have a degree of sympathy for some of the people involved in this debacle. Furthermore, I do not mean to say that everyone who went to Charlottesville was disgusting. Far from it. It was mostly normal people. You just had a situation where a few groups of anti-social people polluted the image, and then afterward, people I had respected continued to associate with those groups and continued to turn “the movement” into a laughing stock.

I also want to make it explicit that I am not saying I am opposed to these groups because they are “too hardcore.” That is usually the retort by these groups – that they are “more hardcore” than anyone who questions them. My exclusive complaint is that they are disgusting and the opposite of cool and/or sexy, and no one sees these freaks and says “I want to get involved in that” other than the lowest people in society.

I also completely disagree with the concept of racial grievance marches and “tantrum activism” – going out in the streets for the purpose of fighting antifa is idiotic, serves no clear purpose whatsoever, and these groups attempted to frame fighting antifa as an ends in itself.

My position, which I have made clear from the beginning, is that the only ends is getting as many people on board with our ideas as possible. It is so painfully obvious that sending disgusting fat guys out to march in the streets in costumes and fight antifa does the opposite of that, that it makes me sick that I have to explain it.

What I naively believed Charlottesville would be is a demonstration that there are a whole lot of young, normal guys who are fed-up with the status quo created by Jews. I was wrong, and it is one of the biggest regrets of my life.

These developments put me in a difficult place here on the site. Difficulties that went far beyond having my website stolen.

The idea of turning the Alt-Right – which was an intellectual and cultural movement – into a political movement is something that I abandoned completely. Because the only apparent manifestation of a political movement that anyone wanted to engage in was a protest movement, and I am not aware of a single right-wing protest movement that ever had any success.

I took responsibility for having played an unwitting role in creating this debacle, and dissociated from the rest of the people involved in the dissident movement. I have not denounced any of them, and do not plan to, but I will not let my own agenda get dragged down by being attached to people who are acting irresponsibly.

Charlottesville and the weird protests afterward killed the funniness of the “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” meme. They killed the entire fun-loving image of the Alt-Right, which had been drawing in so many people. Now, every Far-Right site is seeing their traffic collapse, other than this one, which is no longer seeing the growth pattern that it once was.

I wish things would have happened differently, but they didn’t. What happened is what happened. There was no instruction manual, and I’m not blaming anyone who made the wrong decisions.

I am going to keep doing my best to make these ideas fun and appealing to young people. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job at adapting to the situation, changing some tactics, and moving forward with my agenda.

And my agenda is simply to run a fun and informative website which wakes people up to the truth of the situation that the Western world has found itself in. And I will do so by any means necessary.

The ideas themselves are extremely popular and have proven to always win against the ideas of the system if all things are equal. And that is what we need to focus on.