In Silicon Valley, Ridiculous Monkey Says Women and Minorities will Start Tech Companies to Fight Whitey

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2016

Obama’s final year in the Oval Office is being spent ensuring that history remembers him not only as an anti-American foreign terrorist who took over the country through Jewish media manipulation and then proceeded to attempt to run it straight into the ground, but also as a stereotypical stupid Black person.

Speaking in Palo Alto – that’s Silicon Valley – on Friday to a the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Obama pressed both issues.

This is a conference for people planning to start technology companies, and the monkey said women and minorities were going to start these companies as revenge against White men.

He said:

When people can start their own businesses it helps people and families succeed… It offers a positive path for young people seeking to make something of themselves and can empower people who previously have been locked out of the existing social order, women, minorities, others who aren’t part of the old boys network.

Of course, no woman has ever started a technology company. The melt-faced wench Carly Fiorina was put in charge of Hewett-Packard and nearly collapsed the company. A similar disaster happened when Ellen Pao was put in charge of Reddit.

Women are not good with technology and they are not good at running companies – a fact of life.


Confirmed shitlord Mike Judge has given an accurate portrayal of the tech industry reality in his show Silicon Valley: 80% White, 20% Asian, 100% male. Earlier this year, the show’s producer, Alec Berg (Swedish, not Jewish) refused to apologize for the show’s lack of diversity, saying it reflected reality. 

The only minorities who start tech companies are yellow Asians, and they have, over the past years, been accused of having White privilege. Jews also sometimes run these companies, but they do so by stealing the work of White men (for example, Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook from Whites through underhanded Jew methods).

The minorities Obama was presumably referring to – those who are viewed as the victims of the White man – are Blacks, Mexicans and Moslems.

Blacks cannot really do anything at all. The most intelligent and capable of the Blacks – the 0.01 percent – may be able to become managers at McDonald’s.

Mexicans can run their own Mexican restaurants, sometimes very well, but that’s where their entrepreneurship ends. They cannot seem to form or run their own landscaping companies, even though this is a labor market where they excel.

Moslems (Arabs, in particular) can run corner markets in Black neighborhoods, and may manage to start up a cellphone accessories booth at the mall.

nigga what the fuck

Nigga, what in the dick is this shit? I thought it were a TV, but it sure ain’t!

None of these people are going to start tech companies. The concept is absolutely retarded. They just do not have the biological capacity for that sort of thing. Even if we bury the White man so far down he isn’t allowed to start his own tech companies, and pay women and minorities to start tech companies, these companies will simply fail and there just won’t be any more tech companies.

Everyone is instinctively aware of this. But the obvious reality, which is based on facts and data, doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is feelings.


And imagining a world where Tyrone stops dealing crack, Muhammad rejects ISIS and Juan gets granted citizenship and they all get together and start the next Google makes liberals feel good. So they pretend it is something which could happen in real life.

This is no different than a 4-year-old child imagining riding on a flying pony to the moon.

Because here’s the deal: White men are “privileged,” but that privilege is written in their DNA.

That is the reality of the situation, regardless of how anyone feels about it.