In Oz, Islam will Soon be a Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2016

Here you have Alan Jones, of the Alan Jones Breakfast Show, a right-wing radio talk show in Australia, discussing the plan to turn Islam into a race in his country.

This would allow for those who protest against Islam to be prosecuted under racial discrimination laws.

I have often argued that Islam is a racial doctrine, as virtually every member of the religion is non-White. You can sort of argue that Albanian Moslems or Chechens are White, but in actual fact they are not. I have been around both groups of people, and they themselves believe they are distinct, non-European peoples, and they have the behavior to prove it. So the only White groups you have left are Bosnians and Islamic converts, which, in a religion with 2 million or so followers, are point-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-something percent of the group.

Islam is a unifying flag for all non-Whites to align against us.

However, while “racial,” it is still not “a race.” And the Australian government’s reasoning for classifying it as such has nothing to do with my reasons for defining it as racial.

The push comes from none other than Chink-Australian Race Discrimination Minister Tim Soutphommasane, whose main goal is to flood the country with people from everywhere in order to exterminate the native Australian Whites.


It is a very strange move, especially considering that many of the Moslems in Oz are gooks, rather than what you typically think of when you think of Moslems, which is a mixed Negro-Asian-White thing (Turks, Pakis, Persians, Afghanis and Arabs are all some mix of the three races).

Basically, the situation is that Australians have been banned from talking about race by law, and so when they protest immigration and the behavior of non-Whites, they have to talk about Islam. Also, there is some of the same stuff we see in America, where even though we’re allowed to talk about race, people talk about Islam in religious terms because they are half-cucked.

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