In Mexico, You Just Get Shot: 88th Candidate Assassinated This Election Cycle

The Democrats claim that importing trillions of Mexicans into America is good for democracy.

No one seems to ask about what democracy in Mexico looks like.


A local elections candidate in Mexico has been gunned down in the middle of a campaign event and just after going live on Facebook, becoming the latest victim in a string of murders of politicians ahead of the June vote.

Electoral candidate Alma Barragán was shot to death on Tuesday afternoon in the Mexican town of Moroleón in the central state of Guanajuato as she was taking part in a campaign event. According to local media, a group of armed men arrived at the spot where Barragán was holding a rally and opened fire. Two others have been reported injured.

Shortly before the attack Barragán had gone live on her Facebook page telling the audience where she was and inviting local residents to join her: “Hello, how are you? I am here in La Manguita with Pedro Guzmán. If you want to accompany me, come and listen to my proposals and socialize. Thank you very much, I am waiting for you here.”

Barragán was the candidate for the town mayor from the opposition Citizens’ Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano). The campaign that leads to local elections in Mexico which are to be held on June 6 has been marred by violence. Earlier this month another candidate from the Citizens’ Movement, Abel Murrieta, was shot dead while handing out flyers in a busy street in the northwestern Cajeme municipality.

At first she was like:

But then she was just like:

Mexican democracy has normalized murder.

Barragán was the 88th candidate to be assassinated this election cycle.

Mexico is actually safer in terms of the general atmosphere than it was a decade ago, but politicians still just get shot left and right. It’s actually a part of the organizational structure of Mexican democracy.

Of course, if the country didn’t have democracy, it would just have a ruling authoritarian government that wouldn’t have any need to kill people. But the United States demands that they do democracy, so this then involves murder.

The United States government is responsible for all of the political murders in Mexico as well as in other third world countries where murdering opposition candidates is an institutionalized practice.

As the United States becomes more and more Mexican, you are going to start to see Mexican democracy integrated into American democracy – obviously.

Frankly, I’m surprised that California municipal elections are not already marred by assassinations.

One Mexican thing I am excited about incorporating into America is their funerals.

Whatever you want to say about the Mexicans, these funerals are really fantastic.