In Lawless Seattle, Bags of Human Remains are Discovered on the Shoreline, Unknown Number of Bodies

Seattle, we are told, is experiencing a time of peace and love as the cops pull out.

However, what we are not being told is that when the cops pull out, things can get very dark.

This story is a backpage item, and there is little information available about it. I think it is important, as it shows the kind of country we are creating.

NBC News:

Bags full of human remains were discovered along the shoreline in Seattle, police said Friday night.

The discovery included “several bags,” and at least one was in the water, the Seattle Police Department said in a statement.

Officers responded to a park along Elliott Bay, on a point across from the city’s main waterfront and Pike Place Market, after someone reported a “suspicious bag on the beach,” the department said.

Detectives responded after officers determined the contents to be remains, police said.

Identities of the dead or the number of bodies possibly involved was unknown.

When there are no cops, you can do what you want. You can murder people and dump them in the water, and not even care who finds them, because you know the investigation, if any, will be minimal.

We are creating a country where you will not have any pretense of safety. Criminals will be able to kill you if they feel like killing you, and there will be nothing your family can do after it happens.