In Historic Speech to Davos Globalists, Putin Condemns Globalism and Internet Censorship

The World Economic Forum’s “Davos Agenda Forum” is taking place digitally this year, out of ostensible fear of a flu virus.

They are having another meeting in May, apparently, in real life – in Singapore.

But all of the world leaders are speaking digitally at this one, on a Zoom event hosted by founder Klaus Schwab.

Putin gave a speech today, where instead of addressing the alleged false imprisonment of the cosmetic scam fraudster and CIA color revolutionist Alexi Navalny, he discussed the global power of tech monopolies.

“These are no longer just economic giants — in some areas they are already de facto competing with states,” Putin said of the global monopolies.

This is obviously true.

“How well does this monopolism work with the public interest?” Putin asked. “Where is the line between successful businesses and big data consolidation, on the one hand, and the desire to rule the society by being a substitute for legitimate democratic institutions, by deciding for the people how to live and what to choose and what they can express freely?”

“We have seen this quite recently in the United States, and everyone understands quite clearly what I’m talking about, and I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about,” he said, referencing the banning of Donald Trump from the internet and the subsequent massive shut down of freedom of speech.

His speech was in many ways the opposite of the speech that the former German Defense Minister, now the head of the European Commission, a woman called Ursula von der Leyen, gave yesterday for the forum, calling for an increased shut down of free speech online.

The Russian leader also warned of the US agenda to go hunting for enemies in their own country, and spoke of how this was going to be used as an excuse to find enemies outside the country.

Frankly, whenever I listen to a speech Putin gives to the West, I’m left totally understanding why I get accused of being a Russian agent: the guy just totally gets it. Or at least his speech writers do, I don’t know. What I can tell you is that he just lays out everything that I agree with, point by point.

He doesn’t go really hard. He won’t say “Jew,” but I think we all understand “international financial interests” to have some pretty specific implications. Also, he won’t call out the coronavirus as a complete hoax (though he will say it’s being used as a pretext).

This is the first time Putin has bothered to address the forum, which typically includes more than 50 heads of state meeting alongside corporate and banking leaders. Probably, he agreed to do it this time because he didn’t have to go and actually talk to these people in person. Also, he probably wanted to get his statements about the world being taken over by American billionaire-run internet companies, on the record, where people were going to see it.

The media, such as the Washington Post, is claiming that he talked about the tech companies because Alexi Navalny is currently using them to attempt to overthrow the Russian government. However, it’s more likely that he was thinking about the fact that Donald Trump was just banned by all of these companies, allegedly because he tried to overthrow the US government, and the dichotomy of the two situations.

His full comments released on the WEF YouTube channel are available above, translated into English via dub, but I can’t find the transcript. These people are talking about putting computer chips in people’s brains and we can’t get a transcript of a speech on the internet. Listening to a dubbed speech is a nightmare.

However, I did it – but I did it while playing video games.

Along with talking about the monopoly tech companies taking over the world, he also said that the billionaire class, through globalism and mass transfers of populations, is destroying values and cultures and making everyone poor while the rich continue to get richer.

He talked about the American banking system, based on debt, and warned of the fact that the US government is printing money like crazy in response to the coronavirus hoax.

He also mentioned that the coronavirus is being used to push Schwab’s cyborg agenda, but asked: at what price?

It was a good, solid speech.

If an English transcript is ever published (which the Russian government should eventually do), I will write about this speech again. It was fantastic and historic.