In Germany, the Revolution has Begun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2014

Every single German knows this is insane, even if they don't know they know it.
Every single German knows this is insane, even if they don’t know they know it.

The biggest Pegida march ever happened on Monday with nearly 20,000 people gathered to protest the Islamization of Europe.  This is not slowing down, and I believe it is the groundwork being laid for a large scale resistance movement.

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Remember that before Hitler, there were quite a few different nationalist movements which sprung up.  Hitler picked the National Socialists to join just because he thought they were pretty cool guys.  The revolution then was about a climate forming in Germany and then a man rising to the challenge.  Right now, a climate is forming.

A recent YouGov poll showed that 75% of Germans agree with Pegida to some degree, while only 13% “completely disagree.”


Germany has been beaten to death with all of this Holohoax gibberish, but when it comes down to it they are still logical people, who can see what is happening to their country free of the type of emotion Sweden insists on viewing things through.

Islam is so fundamentally distasteful, it provides a perfect cover under which real hardcore nationalism can rise, while slowly drawing in the masses.

Here is the funniest story to emerge from this situation so far – a reporter went out to infiltrate the crowd last week (one week ago) and was somehow picked out of a crowd by another news station, and responded as if he was a real protester.

The Local:

RTL sent a reporter undercover to last week’s protest, as the group refuse to speak to what they call the “media liars.”

However, he was picked out of the crowd and interviewed by the national Panorama programme.

Instead of identifying himself – presumably for fear of the reactions of the rest of the crowd – he said on camera: “When you go out, there really are a lot of Turks. I get on with many of them fine, but it comes to the point where you think ‘Are we really still German in Germany?”

It was only when the programme was broadcast on December 18th that former colleagues recognised the reporter.

Thomas Präkelt, head of RTL’s eastern bureau, said the man had been fired. “Our employee made a mistake which is inexcusable, ” he told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Our whole profession has been damaged.”

How funny that he would know exactly what to say and how to say it like he meant it.  Almost as if he feels the same way.  Almost as if any White European who says they are not opposed to being invaded by Moslems is simply lying.

In other news, the working and middle class movement is not only getting blasted as evil Nazi racists driven by pure hate by the political elite, but also by the financial elite.


A powerful German business leader slammed a growing anti-Islam movement in the country Tuesday, saying Europe’s top economy needed more immigration to remain competitive and should take in more asylum seekers.

The president of the German Federation of Industry, Ulrich Grillo, said the emergence of the group “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” or PEGIDA, which has been holding weekly marches, was undermining the country’s interests and values.

“We have long been a land of immigration and we must remain so,” he told German news agency DPA.

“As a prosperous country, and also out of Christian love for our fellow man, our country should take in more refugees.”

Grillo blasted the PEGIDA protests, which organisers have billed as a grassroots movement, calling participants “neo-Nazis and xenophobes”.

He said the group was trying to harness fears of Islamist terrorism “to smear a whole religion” which he called “unacceptable”.

Grillo’s federation represents the political interests of more than 100,000 companies employing around eight million people.

He said Germany’s rapidly ageing population needed a strong influx of qualified newcomers to support the economy and the social welfare system.

“Considering our demographic development, immigration ensures growth and prosperity,” he said.

He urged political leaders to do more to stand up to PEGIDA.

These types of attacks show how completely terrified the ruling class is of the people standing up and taking action.

Pegida is going to become a political movement. It is unknown at this point exactly what shape that will take, but they are presently moving in exactly the right direction. The strategy of using Islam as a focal point of nationalist sentiment is not only brilliant, it is completely necessary.