In Egypt, You’re More Likely to be Killed in a Hospital Fire

The deadly virus isn’t really very deadly.

But you know what is deadly?



A blaze has ripped through a private hospital treating coronavirus patients on the outskirts of Cairo. The disaster left at least seven dead and injured several others.

The fire broke out at around 9am local time at Misr Al Amal Hospital in El Obour, some 35km northeast of the Egyptian capital. It reportedly started in the intensive care ward on the building’s second floor.

Several fire trucks were deployed to the scene, and they swiftly got the fire under control and extinguished it. Meanwhile, the patients were evacuated and transferred to a public hospital elsewhere in the city.

According to the results of a preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by an electric short-circuit, security sources told local media.

A similar incident occurred in Egypt in June. Back then, seven died in a blaze in the coronavirus ward of a hospital in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

We can now add “FIRE” to the list of things more likely than coronavirus to cause you a problem.