In Discussion of Energy Shortage, Vladimir Putin Names the Wind Farm

It’s about time someone broached the WFQ.


A surge in the cost of gas which has seen bills shoot up for households and industry is down to a shortfall in electricity generation, and not because Russia is somehow squeezing supplies, President Vladimir Putin has argued.

Speaking as part of a keynote address at Russian Energy Week on Wednesday, Putin said that a fall in output from wind farms had meant electricity prices shot up, having a knock-on effect on demand for gas. Wind power makes up an increasingly large share of Europe’s energy generation, particularly in the west of the continent, he went on.

“The rise in gas prices in Europe was the result of a shortage of electricity, and not vice versa,” the president insisted.

Putin went on to accuse Western leaders of “trying to cover up their own mistakes,” following a series of claims that the situation is because Russia is withholding supplies. He added that “proper analysis of the situation is often replaced by empty political slogans.”

None of this “green energy” bullshit is sustainable longterm. It just simply does not work.

Shouting these slogans doesn’t make it work.

Either people have to accept that it doesn’t work, or they have to accept lower energy outputs and increasing prices for working energy.

France is pushing for nuclear power to be recognized as “green.” I agree that nuclear power is “green” – it doesn’t produce carbon – but they are missing the point. This whole agenda is about reducing energy consumption. No one who promoted windmills actually thought they would work.