In CNN Alternative Reality, The Kavanaugh Saga was Good for Democrats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

CNN published an op-ed this morning by some guy I’ve never heard of claiming that the Kavanaugh confirmation probably cost the Republicans the midterms.

Election Day in less than one month, Brett Kavanaugh headed to the Supreme Court and American voters — maybe mobs of them — will head to the polls.

President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans have a legacy-building conservative to replace swing vote Anthony Kennedy and ensure a rightward tilt for decades to come. Is that worth the House or Senate majority?

Their long-term accomplishment could come with a very bitter pill if voters, particularly women and independents, are turned off by what it took to get Kavanaugh seated.

This is the opposite of reality. Like when that bitch told Tucker that diversity in the workplace increases productivity.

You would think at some point, some of these people would get embarrassed by all the lying. I don’t expect them to feel guilt, but just the kind of feeling a 35-year-old junkie gets when he’s lying on a floor after having robbed his mother yet again to buy smack – a kind of tired “look at myself, what I am, what I am going to keep on doing until I die” shame.

Shame, humiliation and embarrassment are such unsophisticated emotions that even women can feel them. “I know I’m lying, you know I’m lying, but I’m going to keep doing this for a salary that is on par with an Uber driver’s, because this is my life” – this is a gross form of public self-abasement that these journalists are engaged in. At least when the junkie steals jewelry from his mom for a fleeting high to cover the fact he is psychologically incapable of dealing with the natural chemical make-up of his own brain, it’s a private form of self-humiliating behavior.

No one knows what the outcome of the midterms is going to be. It’s a complex situation, and the institutions which are supposed to provide data points to people about it lie about every aspect of it.

But there is no one, anywhere, who legitimately believes that the Kavanaugh Saga is going to hurt Republicans. This has unified and emboldened the GOP in a way that was thought to be impossible mere weeks ago.

Even the polls – which we know are faked – show a massive upswing in Republican voter engagement.

Democrats are admitting this openly, and strategists are calling for party officials to completely stop talking about Kavanaugh.

Basically everything about this was the perfect situation for Trump – every single step of the way, things went his way. If the Democrats would have simply allowed Kavanaugh to be confirmed without a rape hoax being leaked by a leading Democrat Senator, most Republicans wouldn’t have even noticed it – you certainly wouldn’t have gotten the kind of high-engagement you are seeing from Republicans who dislike Trump.

Furthermore, the insane behavior that was on display in these paid protests was… really bad optics.

The Democrats already have the “psychologically unhinged female and/or sexual deviant” vote on lock. Their problem is that brown people don’t vote in midterms because ain’t nobody got time for that.

This whole drama was ostensibly designed as a means to get out the vote of white women, who are still fundamental to their program of race-replacement and general destruction, but women all know that bitch was lying. So the only ones that support her are the ones that already supported Democrats.

This appears to be a perfect storm for the right.

But make sure to get everyone you know to vote.


Make sure they’re registered:

And then on the 6th, make sure they get to the polls.

Take the day off work or school and drive them all there – whatever state you live in.