In Candid Interview, Andrew Anglin Talks About Journalism, Himself and the Ethan Ralph Sex Tape

On Wednesday, I wrote an article about a certain internet radio personality, Ethan Ralph, who this week released a sex tape, perhaps by accident. For the article, I did a text interview with this site’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, on the situation. The article was intended to be fun, and though I couldn’t pick up on Anglin’s tone as we were only typing to one another, he appeared to be answering in a jokey way.

An e-celeb having his sex tape leaked is a jokey thing, and so anyone dealing with this subject matter is probably not going to be 100% serious. Regrettably, Ethan Ralph read the article (or maybe just part of it), and felt that the quotes from Anglin were offensive, in particular his remarks about Andy Warski, who is apparently a personal friend of Ethan’s.

I then saw that Anglin was posting on the Gamer Uprising forum, expressing regret over Ethan’s response. I then felt ashamed of myself for having created what might have led to a conflict between the two men, and felt that especially as the only female to ever be allowed to contribute to the Daily Stormer, this would be particularly regrettable (or maybe the opposite).

Mr. Anglin requested that we do another interview, a long one, about what he’d said about Warski and about many other issues that he’d thought of surrounding the sex tape and Ethan Ralph.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I can go on a rant, let’s do another interview over Zoom this time and record it,” he texted me.

Mr. Anglin had wanted to do a podcast, I found out after calling him, but I’m not comfortable doxing my voice, so we agreed to simply print the transcript of our conversation.

Mr. Anglin, as my editor, demanded that I simply transcribe the interview and publish it in full.

What follows is a full account of the discussion, from pick-up to hang-up. I’ve gone to lengths to record things as accurately as possible, though for the sake of readability (rather than my own ego), I’ve chopped out a lot of “ums” and “likes” and cleared up a few sentences where I misspoke. I’ve done the same for Mr. Anglin, although he certainly speaks a lot better than I.

(Note: Ethan, if you read this, read the part where Mr. Anglin describes you as a man of historic import instead of the part where he talks about your drinking and self-destructive behavior.)

So, Mr. Anglin, how are you this morning?

Well, it’s afternoon where I am and I’ve definitely been better, to be perfectly honest with you. Saying so is probably not appropriate. It’s not the worst day of my life. Like I always say, worse things have happened to better men than I.

Well, I think you’re a good man.

There are a lot of people on Twitter who would disagree with you. That’s a judgement we will have to leave up to God. How about you? You look great.

Thank you. I don’t think I do. I’ve been having a hard time getting myself made up since I’m only ever going to the grocery store.

If I was there, I would grab you by the pussy.

I don’t believe you.

You’re right. It’s just a joke. You know the Trump thing.

Yeah I know. So, this is a little bit awkward for me, because as I’m writing for the Daily Stormer, you are effectively the boss, and I’m interviewing you. 

Listen, Bruce Springsteen’s the boss. I’m just a guy with a laptop who says offensive things on the internet.

Well, I think you’re more than that.

Again, we’ll have to let God decide on that one.

I’m sure Saint Peter will open the gates right up for you, Mr. Anglin. Okay, so, on Tuesday I wrote an article for the Daily Stormer on the Ethan Ralph sex tape drama and I interviewed you.

Okay well, just so we have the background here for the listeners, you’d been emailing me, apparently enthralled by the genius of the Daily Stormer, and I asked you to write about the Ralph sex tape. You’d written one other thing, a couple months ago, which I thought was funny. So I told you to write about the sex tape.

Okay. Just so you know, we don’t have listeners, this is just an interview for a piece I’m going to write.

Oh. I thought we were going to post this as a podcast.

No. I don’t want to dox my voice.

Jeez, paranoid. No one worries about that. There’s so much plausible deniability on the voice.

Well, I have a unique voice and it’s well known in circles that might be listening to Daily Stormer podcasts for their little research projects.

You’ve got a lisp.

I do, yes.

Don’t worry about it. Most people probably don’t even notice it. I’m very perceptive.

I’ve gotten over being self conscious about it.

I’m sure you have. I’m just negging you anyway. It’s a part of the mystery method. You know about the mystery method?

Is that the guy who says that women will have sex with you if you wear a crazy hat and insult them?

Yes. The next part of the method is for me to say something like “you fat ugly sow, give me a handjob under this cocktail table.“

I can’t imagine you saying something like that, Mr. Anglin. You’re a very sweet person.

I do my best. So, here’s the plan: if this isn’t a podcast, I want you to just type up the whole thing and publish it as a complete transcript. So, the artistic and journalistic part of this for you becomes doing the interview itself.


You can write a report separately, if you want, write about how I struck terror into you when I used the mystery method on you, whatever. You can do a report on the interview but I want the interview published in full as a transcript.

Do you mean like even the stuff we’ve already said?

Yes. From the time you said hello until the time you say goodbye, I want the full thing posted. Including what I am saying right now. This sentence I am currently speaking should be typed up by you and published on the Daily Stormer dot su.

Right, okay, that’s fine.

I think it’s good for you to practice your interviewing skills with a skilled interviewee such as myself. Now that you know you’re going to be publishing all of this, you’re going to be a lot more careful and that will help you to understand that the job of the interviewer is not completely different from that of Solid Snake. You are a soldier but also some kind of creepy stealth assassin. This is the battlefield of the mind, and I am your enemy. You are trying to extract information from me like a soldier tries to extract blood from his enemies. Your words are bullets and your mouth is the gun. As a woman I guess if you tried to use sexual skills on me it would be like stealth mode. A silent kill, where I give you information without knowing it.

Okay. So do you think everyone a journalist interviews is attempting to withhold information?

Absolutely yes. I mean, anyone who is being critically interviewed. Not some guy you ask for a statement about what it felt like when the earthquake hit or whatever. But anyone who you are interviewing with regards to their own self or information about something that is part of their agenda is going to be trying to withhold information from you.

Okay. This is an interesting perspective. What about people who are promoting something? Like if I was interviewing the developer of a video game, and just asking him about his project? Would he be trying to withhold information?

Yes. Theoretically, unless you are a shill, it should be your job as a journalist to figure out what information he is trying to withhold. His goal is to attempt to give the impression he isn’t withholding information. He is attempting to appear honest by giving you an interview and allowing you to question him.

Think about it, Lindsey, and try to stay with me here: if he just wanted to promote his game, he would just publish a statement saying “this shit is fu— I mean, this shit is awesome.” Trying not to drop f bombs, especially in this interview which is to be fully transcribed by you. But you’re following me here right, Lindsey? The entire concept of an interview is so that the interviewee can attempt to look like he’s an honest person. Your job as a journalist is to figure out if he is or not. That is the sacred rite of interview journalism, which is of course forgotten by modern shills, but which I am attempting to instill into the likes of you, our next generation of East Coast hipster glasses journalists.

Oh come on Mr. Anglin, these are not hipster glasses.

Honestly I don’t even know what a hipster is. I thought it just meant anyone who was consciously fashionable in a nihilistically ironic way.

You think these glasses are nihilistic?

I think it’s nihilistic for you, a 20-something East Coast hipster from, you know, we won’t dox you, but a girl from a very liberal school for wealthy liberals, to troll around until you get ahold of the private contact information of the infamous neo-Nazi and ask me to mentor you in journalism. It also seems nihilistic to continue to call me Mr. Anglin. You’re doing that ironically.

What do you want me to call you, sir?

Sir is good. Mr. Anglin is fine. I will definitely end this relationship if you start to get too familiar.

You know I told you this: I have read your writing since I was a teenager. I was always a leftist and I still identify that way, but you are a brilliant artist and this is something that I think a lot of people do not get, including many of your own readers. I think the media didn’t get it, when they were reporting on you all the time, then they found out after someone had to tell them and so they stopped reporting on you. Actually blacklisted you. But it is something that you are going to be remembered for, afterward.

After what? After I’m dead?


Sigh. Okay well. I’ve given you your lesson of the day, now are we going to talk about the Ralph drama or what?

We are. So… let me just… I have notes here.

You shouldn’t say that aloud, by the way. Pausing is okay. It’s better than using filler words. Remember, this is the battlefield of the mind and if you’re using filler words it’s the equivalent of like, shooting bullets into the ground.

Okay. Do I have to include this part in the transcript?

Every word! Not a single dot or tiddle shall fall from this work! You are a part of the magic now, Lindsey.

I got a chill when you said that. Okay. So let’s start with the tweet from Ethan. He tweeted out about my article the other day, ascribing it to you, saying, “I wasn’t gonna tweet today, but award for Most Moronic Column of the Year goes to Andrew Anglin.” You saw that?


What was your first thought when you saw that?

My first thought was that I felt bad that I’d tried to say some fun stuff in support of Ralph when he was down and he’d interpreted it as though I was kicking him when he was down. I felt bad. I’m actually a nice person and I don’t like it when people I like think I’m an asshole. I’m a very kind person. Look at what’s going on here. The number one thing I hate is women, and here I am mentoring one; simply out of the kindness of my heart. You say my art will be appreciated after I’m dead, I’m thinking I should be considered for sainthood.

Specifically, what Ethan was taking issue with is what you told me about your opinion of Andy Warski. Were you joking when you said that? We did that interview over the messenger so I couldn’t tell if you were joking or not.

Do you think you can usually tell when I’m joking?

I think as I’ve read you as much as I have, and as we’ve spent these last months talking on the phone, I think I’ve gotten an idea of when you’re joking, sure.

Okay. Well no, I wasn’t joking, precisely. I mean, I do not think that Warski is a great fit on the Ralph show, and it is true that I personally do not often listen to it as much anymore. But let me tell you, just so you understand and the listener – I guess the reader in this case because of your paranoia about your distinct lisp – but so the people can understand: I’m not attacking Warski as a person, I don’t know Warski as a person. I said what I said as a long time fan of The Ralph Retort – I’ve listened since the first month the show was on. Or at least, like, from within the first three months or something. A long time.

Also from a critical perspective, I think it is fair to say that having Warski on every night doesn’t fit the flow of the show. His interjections are often inane, whereas previous cohosts such as Zidan, Gator and Flamaco have stayed in the background more. Bibble and Rand tended to have more thought-through comments to add. Warski worked best on the JF show, where you had a totally straight-faced autistic person and the clear comedy relief. As a media critic, I think it’s fair to say that when you have a personality like Ralph, who pivots from being serious to being funny, having a straight comedy relief figure doesn’t fit the tone. This is professional criticism.

Okay. Have you ever had any personal interaction with Andy Warski?



Well okay, this is going to sound bad but I was on a show with him once and he was really rude. He was just totally disrespectful. Not disrespectful as in “I’m a bigger e-celeb than you and you should respect me” but disrespectful as in “this is an inappropriate way to interact with other human beings.”

Do you think that contributes to your opinions on Warski?

See, you’re doing it. You’re learning the interview game. Surely the apprentice is not ready to slay the master already? No, okay. So this isn’t some personal beef, if that’s what you’re asking. What I will say is that due to my interactions with Warski as well as the way I’ve seen him treat other people, I do not in any way feel guilty about being frank about my impressions of him.

You think he is a generally disrespectful person? 

He’s been disrespectful to guests on the show. Just as a matter of course he is belligerent, which sometimes appears anti-social. I think that’s why he is such a bad fit for the Ralph show. The Ralph show is pro-social.

Right. Okay so you said you don’t feel bad about being frank from a personal and professional level about Warski and yet you’ve said that you feel guilty about the way Ralph reacted.

Because of Ralph. Not Warski. Ralph is usually pretty open to drama but apparently at that time he felt I was insulting him when I certainly did not intend to do that. I think I didn’t really understand their relationship, I guess.

What do you think is the nature of their relationship?

Who knows. What do you think it is?

I think that Warski is a kind of enabler of Ethan’s addictive behavior.

See, you just got caught out, madam interviewer. You’re never supposed to answer questions from the interviewee.

Ah! Well…

If an interviewee starts asking you questions, you need to pivot. You are the journalist, you’re asking the questions and in this context you are accountable to no one.

Okay so this is hard. We were talking normally and then we went into interview mode.

You have to be able to turn it on and off, like a soldier turns killing mode on and off.

Okay. I’m in it now.

But yes, Warski being an enabler is the obvious explanation for the relational dynamics, as well as the dynamics of the show. He justifies Ralph’s self-destructive behavior.

Do you think that part of why you have negative feelings towards Warski is that he is playing this role in enabling the sort of self-immolation of an internet personality you care about for personal gain?

Certainly, that’s part of it. Though it obviously isn’t my place to say anything such as I’ve just said. Ralph and Warski are friends and it’s none of my business.

Do you consider Ethan a friend?

That’s a complicated question. It is one of these ultra-bizarre and completely incidental manipulations of basic human nature that takes place as a result of technological society. This is a major concept in itself, the way technology appears to be deliberately manipulating our brains simply by the way it works, but you cannot possibly place intent on the development of technology itself.

I don’t even know where you’re going with this, but I am following you so far.

Yeah, so, I have listened to Ralph for more than three years. His voice has been in my ear as often as many of my close friends over these years. So of course, hearing his voice so often, my brain registers him as a friend and someone I should be personally concerned about. The reality of it however is that I’ve only rarely talked to him on the phone, and I’ve never met him in real life.

Okay. Yes. I’ve heard people refer to a podcast as a “friend simulator,” and you’re saying that our brains register podcast hosts as real friends. Do you think this is a bad thing?

That’s a good question. It’s not immediately clear if it is negative or neutral. It isn’t objectively positive. I think a lot of the negative effects come from people not understanding it consciously. If people were aware that their brains are being tricked, it would be less negative.

The internet personalities themselves should also be aware of it. I’m sure they very often feel like, “bitch who do you think you are? You don’t know me and I don’t owe you shit.” Meanwhile, in the listener’s brain, he does know him and feels he’s owed what is owed to any friend.

When it really becomes toxic is with the onlyfans effect, where men watch a woman on the internet and their brain registers the woman as their lover. The men then feel the need to financially support this strange woman from the ether with real money. This is kind of the ultimate pure form of sexual exploitation. We saw this in the right wing internet sphere with Lauren Southern, where this bitch was raking in a six figure income just for sitting in front of a webcam repeating exhausted right-wing talking points. When she was criticized for exploiting all of these men, the very men she was exploiting would come to her defense, specifically because she had roped them into her scheme.

I don’t think it is possible to not have this happening if you have women on the internet. That’s a real problem which any healthy society would have a team of government sociologists pumping out reports about nonstop. In our dysfunctional, matriarchal hell, the women who engage in this exploitation are praised as empowered heroes.

Is it immoral to psychoanalyze people from the internet like this?

Well, internet celebrities put themselves out there in public with all of their psychoses. Psychoanalysis is not a great hermeneutic for understanding another person’s motivations, but it is a good technique for revealing parts of ourselves by observing others. We all have various human issues, but internet personalities have made the decision to put it out there. It’s a very big part of what they sell, this look into their naked humanity. It’s therapeutic for us to look at these people and their problems.

That is perhaps the key product of celebrity itself – the museum-like display of humanity, with all of its flaws and its complexity. I mean just look at the sidebar of the Daily Mail sometime. It’s all these stories about the dysfunctional personal lives of all of these people. With reality TV, we actually created celebrities that offered nothing at all other than drama and dysfunctional and often anti-social behavior. Kim Kardashian got famous for publishing a sex tape featuring her fake ass, then the media decided to make her entire family into celebrities because they were dysfunctional, and people eat this up. The British have an endless barrage of reality shows that just produce basket cases for the sake of publicly displaying them. And there is always a group of people that want to play that role, because they just crave fame at any cost.

Voyeurism is always a two way street.

Exactly. I would say that life is a stage but if you want to be an actor you have to sign up. Most people just want to sit in the audience and point and gape.

Do you think that the people doing the pointing and gaping are attempting to make themselves feel better by looking at other people’s broken lives? If we look at for instance poor Johnny Depp’s divorce, don’t we see that people are kind of projecting themselves into the situation, and then backing out of it, and then saying “well at least I’m not Johnny Depp. I might have been the victim of a terrible divorce, but at least my wife didn’t shit in my bed and then use a makeup artist to fake bruises and get the whole world to call me a wife beater”?

Absolutely. These celebrities become Judas Goats, upon which we can absolve ourselves of sin by comparing ourselves to them. Most divorces are brutal but very few involve the wife taking a shit in the marital bed. So even if some guy went through total hell, he can look down on Johnny Depp, and feel better about himself.

I suppose that leads us right up to the Ethan Ralph sex tape.

Bingo. For the casual observer, seeing all of these people outraged over this sex tape from a radio host is clearly bizarre. Why do these people care? Why do they feel anger? Why do they feel entitled to attack and degrade Ralph over it? What possible difference can it make to them? They are pillorying him, saying he really effed up and so on. What did he eff up? He looked silly in a video, and there’s a funny story behind it. No one was harmed here. Nothing was lost or gained. But people are able to make themselves feel better by putting themselves in Ralph’s position, being embarrassed by this video, and then return to their own lives and feel better about themselves. If they then go out and say something nasty about Ralph, they increase this feeling of “at least that’s not me.”

Ethan skipped his show the two days following the release of the tape, presumably because he didn’t feel up to dealing with the reactions of the audience. Do you see that he is going to be able to hold up in the long run?

I will say that Ralph has a fantastic ability to psychologically manage being personally attacked. I have actually never seen anything like it. It’s one of his very unique personality traits that has made him such an actually historic figure. And I do view him as a historic figure, in that he is one of the only people really dealing with the most important events happening in this century. I’m not just talking about his often very professional political interviews, but actually the way he is cataloging internet culture and current year psychology is totally unique. He is basically duct taping together the entire counterculture and packaging the zeitgeist within its sociological framework by recording and actually embodying the nature of the internet, the medium of the age and the home of the world.

That’s very high praise.

It’s more just a statement of the situation. He is a person who exists in a time and plays a role in the way this time functions. But I would say that no, I do not think he can keep going at this speed for too much longer. He is very overweight and it is actually incredible that he is able to function while consuming the amount of alcohol he consumes. He has had a history of other substance abuse problems. I don’t really see how he can even live too much longer, let alone keep doing this show. These incidents are going to increase. Obviously his current relationship is probably going to end in some sort of serious, you know, thing. He just went through a divorce.

How much can one man take? How hard can a nigga roll?

You seem concerned about Ethan’s substance abuse. Yet shortly after he quit drinking last summer, you appeared on his show and recommended that he have a drink. You also condemned Alcoholics Anonymous and advised him against being involved in it. Can you explain this?

I am against AA because it causes exactly what you saw with Ralph – it causes total implosions. Their doctrine is that you should never have a drink, that having a drink is evil. It necessarily means that the victim of the AA cult becomes fixated on alcohol, thinking about it nonstop, thinking that his goal is to never have another drink for the rest of his life. This is an illegitimate mode of living. Your life should not be defined by not drinking alcohol, and that is what AA preaches and it is simply a travesty that everyone who experiences problems with alcohol is shoved into this cult by our society and told they have a disease. It’s dumb on the face of it. There is no qualitative life difference between having ten drinks a week and having zero drinks a week. The potential for a qualitative life difference starts between ten drinks a week and anything more than that.

A person can say “I’m going to drink less,” or he can say, “I’m going to take a break from drinking and see how I feel.” You are going to be around alcohol for the rest of your life. Unless you move to an Islamic country, it is a fact of reality that you’re going to have to deal with. If you create this guilt complex around alcohol, then as soon as someone has one drink they feel they’ve lost everything, lost all of the days they counted of sobriety, they’re going back to nothing after one drop, so after one drop they just go on a rampage. What happened to Ralph happens to basically everyone in the cult. Alcoholics Anonymous has almost a zero percentage success rate. Those who do ostensibly live their entire lives without having a drink are weirdo cult members. It shouldn’t exist. Ralph’s sober months were some of the best radio shows in history, but they would have been just as good if he’d had 2-3 drinks during the recording. Just so, these current drunk streams would be much better if he just went a little bit slower. Everything in moderation and so on.

That take on AA is really interesting. I think a lot of people simply take AA for granted, as if it is the only option. But as you said, no one really seems to know anyone who has ever accomplished much with this program, and the cost of failure is so high. Do you have any advice for Ethan?

Well, I doubt he’s going to read this whole thing. In fact, most of the people who will read this whole thing will not be listeners of the show. It’s a mega shame about your ultra unique lisp, because this conversation we just had would make a great podcast and everyone would listen to that.

Yes, but Mr. Anglin you understand my situation.

Yeah okay. If I could give Ethan a piece of advice I would say to pour exactly the amount of alcohol he wants to drink in a day in a bottle and only drink that much and I would tell him to just completely cut out the sugar and try to go as protein-heavy as possible. That’s it. I think he’s capable of dealing with all of his other bullshit if he is a little bit less drunk and a little bit more vital.

Finally I just want to ask you: by using Ethan’s public problems as a platform for you to push your own agenda, by having me write the first article and then doing this interview, are you really any better than the people you denounced for abusing Ethan to make themselves feel better?

Going for the kill! I taught you well! Imagine that a woman is learning a skill!

Please don’t deflect, Mr. Anglin.

Okay. Yes, I am better than those people, because I am exploiting a situation of a great man’s public breakdown for good, and it might even end up helping Ralph himself. Furthermore: no one is innocent. In a world of killers, the man who only committed manslaughter is a saint. Boom. Print it.

Lastly, I just want to ask you if any of this is actually serious or if you’re simply doing some kind of meta level humor?

Look around you: our entire existence is meta level humor. The fact that this reality that we are living in exists at all is a bizarre joke. All we can do is ride it out, hanging onto anything we can get a grip on.

Good answer.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

One last thing. 


Yes. You have never let a woman write for the site or be involved at all, and you let me, a liberal woman contribute, even though you know I don’t agree with your views and just respect your art. Why? 

Because I don’t think you’re going to be able to keep this to yourself. I think you will tell someone, or just tell everyone, and it will be funny to me when that happens.


You’ve asked me this before. You asked me the first time we talked and I told you. I’m a very straightforward person.

I know. It’s just something to think about. 

You just want me to say it’s because I’m attracted to you. I’m not going to say that.

NO! I don’t care if you’re attracted to me because I’m not attracted to you. You’re short and bald and an Asian fetishist like all short bald men. 

The mystery method doesn’t work on me.

You… okay. 

You’re breaking frame.

I’m finished. The interview is over. 


So is interviewer-interviewee mode off now and we’re back to mentor and mentoree?

I consider this more of a grooming than a mentorship. But yes, we can speak freely. But that doesn’t mean you stop transcribing when you reach this part. Again: message for future you: keep typing until I say “over and out.”

This is really meta.

Well, it’s like you said: I’m a genius.

I don’t think I said genius. I said your artistic brilliance is only really appreciated by other artists.

Well you say tomato I say tomato.

But no one actually says tomato, do they?

The British.

Oh wow, that’s right!

It’s disgusting, the British accent.

Yeah, it really is.

No one admits it.

It’s an unpopular opinion.

It’s not actually an unpopular opinion. Saying it is unpopular. Everyone goes on and on about how cute the British accent is, but everyone privately is disgusted by it.

Yeah. I always think of Sargon of Akkad. It just makes my skin crawl.

Yeah it’s obscene. Okay well Lindsey, I think we’ve done the thing. You’ve done the thing. I believe I’ve successfully taught you the art of the interview.

You’re a good teacher. And I just want to go on the record for all the ladies out there and say that at no time in this interview did I feel disrespected as a woman.

Jeez, you’re making me look like a fag. I was literally trying to disrespect you.

Well, you failed.

If we were in real life I would have slapped your ass every time I made a good point. Like a kind of…

Like punctuation?

Yes. Precisely.

We would have done the interview while standing then.

Of course. I’m standing right now.

Oh my God, you are. I didn’t even notice that. I’m barely even sitting up straight.

You have horrible posture. I’ve told you this.

You have, yeah. I’m doing your thing with the bands.

Which one?

The spreading the arms and squeezing the back, right in the middle and feeling the pinch.

Okay well, if you’re not doing the lower back then it’s not really going to help. You have to do the lower back to support the upper. That’s what holds up the entire torso and it is atrophied in virtually all modern people because they don’t walk enough. Doing the exercises gives you ten fold what walking gives you, so ten minutes of exercise is equivalent to an hour and a half of walking. You do that five times a week and you’ll be an Instagram model in three months’ time.

I won’t ever be an Instagram model.

Oh, don’t say that. You can get plastic surgery.

I could.

You should.

Should I?

Nah. I’m just hitting that mystery method on you.

Got me again, Mr. Anglin.

Okay now seriously I don’t have any more time for this bullshit. Just transcribe this and send it over, we’ll get it up ASAP.

Roger that, commander.

Over and out.