In a Town in Massachusetts, 200 People Were Tested for Coronavirus Antibodies – 32% had Them and Hadn’t Been Sick

You lost your job, you can’t pay your rent, your wife left with the kids and the supermarket is about to run out of food – but at least you didn’t get the flu. Oh wait sorry – actually, you did get the flu, you just didn’t know it because you didn’t have any symptoms. But hey – better safe than sorry, right?

I have been promoting the idea that a massive chunk of the population have or have had and recovered from the coronavirus. The primary reason I believe this is that the lockdown has done so much to maximize the infection rate, by locking people in their houses with their family all the time, but also letting them gather in huge crowds at the supermarket.

The current crowds at the supermarket that I’ve seen, at least in Ohio – and by that, I mean Nigeria – are much larger than they would normally be, with people all crowded together. Until two weeks ago, no one was wearing a mask because the black attorney general said wearing a mask would increase the infection rate.

People are picking the virus up at the supermarket, they are bringing it home and breathing recirculated air with their families the entire day. This lockdown was the perfect plan to make sure the maximum number of people were infected, as many experts – who are not getting any play in the media – have pointed out.

However, a study from a town in Massachusetts indicates that a full third of the population is infected. Unlike the study done in California which showed the infection rate to be 4.1%, this study is not scientific, because it only tested volunteers who agreed to come to a public square. But it also isn’t done by the government, which makes it less likely to be skewing the results.

Boston Globe:

Nearly one third of 200 Chelsea residents who gave a drop of blood to researchers on the street this week tested positive for antibodies linked to COVID-19, a startling indication of how widespread infections have been in the densely populated city.

Sixty-four residents who had a finger pricked in Bellingham Square on Tuesday and Wednesday had antibodies that the immune system makes to fight off the coronavirus, according to Massachusetts General Hospital physicians who ran the pilot study.

The 200 participants generally appeared healthy, but about half told the doctors they had had at least one symptom of COVID-19 in the past four weeks.

Public health experts already knew Chelsea had the state’s highest rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases and that the actual rate was probably higher. At least 39 residents have died from the virus, and 712 had tested positive as of Tuesday, a rate of about 1,900 cases per 100,000 residents, or almost 2 percent.

But the Mass. General researchers ― who excluded anyone who had tested positive for the virus in the standard nasal swab test ― found that 32 percent of participants have had COVID-19, and many didn’t know it.

Chelsea has a population of 40,160, so if this test is representative of the population – and even though it wasn’t scientific, it is pretty close – then 12,851 have the antibodies. If 39 people died, then that is a case fatality rate of 0.25%.

These samples are too small, and 39 is not enough deaths to base any real statistics on. We also have the fact that they are openly including all flu deaths and apparently deaths from other things in the coronavirus death toll. Based on what I have seen – and I’ve seen a whole lot more than most people – I believe the case fatality rate is probably 0.1%.

But even if it is 0.25%, that is within the range of the flu, which is typically listed as having a case fatality rate of between 0.1% and 0.2%, and a far cry from the absolutely insane graphs that the histrionic Jew media is showing us.

The Chelsea study was done between the 14th and 15th of April, and the media is just outright refusing to report on it. Other than the initial report in the Boston Globe, the only other site that picked it up was the spammy tabloid site “Business Insider.”

Again, it isn’t scientific. But whatever the margin of error is on a test that only involves volunteers, you still have an astonishing difference between this and the kook “SIX PERCENT” bullshit that the media is selling.

The media has also failed to report on the LA study, which absolutely was scientific.

There is no way to interpret this failure to report on this information than that the media is purposefully pushing mass hysteria.

The question then becomes: why are they doing this?

Well, what it appears is that the people in control of this country want to use mass hysteria surrounding the flu to form a new society, where people don’t have any rights, where they are poor, alienated, afraid. In other words, what they are doing is simply pushing fast forward on the society we already had, pushing us twenty years into the future.

Why they are doing that is anyone’s guess, but I think we need to remember that Bill Gates promoted the Pizzagate Satanist Marina Abramovic on Good Friday, right in the middle of this chaos that he is the face of.

Gates was also close with Jeffrey Epstein.

He remained close with Epstein even after the Jewish pimp went to prison for trafficking underage girls for sex.

There is an agenda at work to do something other than simply make people poor.

This has all gotten surreal, and it is going to get a lot worse. They are going to implant people with computer chips as a “vaccine ID,” and somehow, for some reason, those computer chips will contain the number “666.” This is going to happen. Whether you believe the Bible or not, this is the thing that these people want to do to you.