In a Fugue State, Fake President Biden is Swarmed by Locusts

On Wednesday, Fake President Joe Biden was meandering in a fugue state on his way to a meeting in Europe when he was swarmed by locusts.

Mumbling around in confusion, talking to random people on the airstrip, a cicada landed on Biden’s neck – an omen of despair and impending doom.

Biden was following his doctor onto the plane, when he had a notion to spryly skip over to the press pool and warn them about the swarming insects. The press began asking him questions instead about his trip to Europe, and he was shocked.

He said that the purpose of his mission was to threaten Russia and China, and make it clear to these sorry bastards that “Europe and the United States are tight and the G-7 is gonna move.”

He did not say where they are going to move to, but the implication is that they will move into Western Russia, as well as possibly into Southern China.

It is a shocking and alienating thing to have your supposed president be a senile old man, doddering around in confusion, claiming he is planning all of these wars.

The wars are totally unpopular, but no one in the country has any idea what is going on – they are all going around thinking about a virus hoax, or black riots, or a tranny barrage – as they duck and cover as the army hunts them trying to vaxx them to hell.

The average American is no more conscious of what is actually going on than Fugue State Biden himself.