Impotent Rage: Palestinian Drives a Car Into the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020


Wow, the Palestinians finally responded to the Jews declaring that they’re going to take all of their land… by ramming a car into a group of people on the street.


Police are searching for a suspect who fled the scene after ramming a car into a group of people in Jerusalem, injuring 12 IDF soldiers and reportedly two more people. The incident is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The suspect rammed a group of people at high speed shortly before 2am local time on Thursday. The IDF said that out of the 12 injured soldiers, one sustained severe wounds.

How pathetic are the Palestinians that they won’t ever do anything but the dumbest shit? And even the dumb shit is rare?

How is this the only terrorist attack following the declaration that the Jews are just going to go ahead and take everything?

I’m not even saying that I think terrorist attacks are helpful to them, but clearly they aren’t going to do anything else, so you would expect there to be terrorist attacks – and ones more serious than driving a car into people.

Well, the Daily Stormer has obtained the exclusive transcript of a conversation between Palestinians before this attack, wherein we can see the extent of their disarray.

Transcript follows.

Muhammed: Muhammad, praise Allah! The Jews are taking our land, by Allah! What are we doing about it??? The Trump, I wipe my shoe on him, his Jews will take our land, by Mohammed’s beard, may peace be upon it!

Muhammed: Yes, I know Muhammed, we’re thinking of something to do to show our outrage. We’re thinking of a day of righteous rage, followed by a day of passionate anger and culminating in a day of foaming hatred.

Muhammed: And Muhammed, by Allah peace be upon him, what do you plan to do on these days? Run into a flurry of Jewish gunfire?

Muhammed: Yes, that’s the plan. We’ll get a bunch of guys to rush into Jewish gunfire and die. Maybe then white people will feel bad for us.

Muhammed: By Allah’s beard, Muhammad! This strategy is not working! I’m getting THE CAR, peace be upon it!

Muhammed: Peace be upon your car. What are you going to do with it, Muhammad?

Muhammed: I’m gonna drive it right up on the sidewalk, by Allah! Most merciful peace be upon THE CAR!

Muhammed: That’s brilliant, Muhammad. May peace be upon you and your car, by Allah.

Muhammed: Okay! Bye!