Immigration is Really Just a Distraction at This Point – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

A natural conservative burning the flag Americans don’t want to burn

I don’t remember where I heard it, but when the Supreme Court ruled that the 2020 election could be completely fake and it didn’t matter, some semi-redpilled legal analyst said that they would try to “balance it out” by doing some conservative rulings during Joe Biden’s first year.

That’s what I immediately thought of when I saw this.

USA Today:

A divided Supreme Court on Tuesday required President Joe Biden’s administration to reinstate a controversial immigration policy that forces migrants to wait in Mexico while U.S. officials process their asylum claims.

Biden asked the Supreme Court to intervene after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit based in New Orleans ruled his administration improperly halted the Trump-era immigration policy shortly after his inauguration. Republican attorneys general in Texas and Missouri sued in April to reinstate the program.

A conservative majority of the high court said in a brief order Tuesday night that the Biden administration failed to demonstrate the decision to end the program was not “arbitrary and capricious.” The court’s three liberal associate justices, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, would have allowed the administration to continue its suspension of the program.

The White House and the Justice Department declined to comment.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement late Tuesday that it “regrets” the Supreme Court’s decision but that the department “will comply with the order in good faith.” The department said it was engaging with Mexican officials about the program.

The Biden administration had previously told the Supreme Court that restarting the program would create a “diplomatic and humanitarian crisis.” The administration had asked the high court to block the lower court’s order temporarily while the underlying legal fight continues over how it halted the program.

Please note that this ruling comes after some number of millions of people have been marched into America across the Southern border in the last eight months. No one knows how many millions, because the government doesn’t allow anyone to see what’s happening, completely refuses to release any data, and the media in turn refuses to report on it.

People have estimated that it’s roughly 20,000 a day being moved in, which would be about 5 million over 8 months. I have no idea what those estimates are based on, because all data is blocked and we don’t even really have pictures. But it sounds like 20,000 a day would be about what is feasible if you were trying to move as many as possible, which seems to be what they’re trying to do.

For those who don’t know: under Obama, the “Mexicans” (who are actually mostly Central and South Americans, along with poor people and criminals from everywhere else in the world) started claiming “asylum” when they came to America, saying that their country had too much crime so they have to live in America instead. When you make this claim, you are given a court date to have your “asylum case” heard by a judge. Most of the cases are rejected as not meeting the standards of asylum.

Under Obama, they would just never show up to the court hearing (and then it is illegal to arrest and deport them). “Remain in Mexico” meant that a person making this claim had to wait in Mexico for the result of whether or not his application would be accepted.

What does that mean now?

Well, most of the people who wanted in are probably already in at this point. If you go to a Latin country, most people are not saying “oh my dream is to go to America and work construction for $2 an hour and leech the welfare system.” It’s a very specific segment of the population of any country that wants to do this, and that entire population had already been cleared out of Mexico, so the Jews that run the NGOs started going to Central America to get these “caravans” rolling up through Mexico into America.

But at this point, after 8 months of open borders, it’s likely that they’ve exhausted the current supply of these people. Obviously, they could get a route going from Brazil and get a whole new crop of human garbage rolling in. That’s complicated because there isn’t really an easy road through the Amazon jungle. But all the easy pickings of “New Americans” have likely been mostly exhausted by now.

You surely don’t hear about the “border crisis” anymore – and that’s because they already moved most of these people through.

Obviously, the Democrat Party controls the entire government, so in response to this SCOTUS ruling, they can simply change the law. Or they could just not follow it. We already had the example of the feds outright refusing to follow the court’s order on an eviction ban (which had been ordered by the CDC), and that wasn’t even a major news story. The media just said “despite the SCOTUS ruling, the CDC has decided to extend the eviction ban.”

The whole concept of law and order has ceased to be, effectively, already. You still have vestiges of it hanging around, but they have thus far not interfered with the Democrat agenda.

Probably, at this point, the Democrats would prefer to just start flying people in on planes from various countries and giving them “diversity” visas. They can just explode those numbers very easily, because Sean Hannity supports immigration as long as it’s LEGAL, and Mitch McConnell is to the left of Hannity.

Immigration Doesn’t Even Matter at This Point

Honestly, since the 2020 election hoax, immigration is officially just a distraction.

Before the 2020 election hoax, there was a possibility that we could stop the tide, and then start sending these people back where they came from, and repair the country’s demographics through policy. That isn’t an option anymore.

America is already probably not much more than 50% white. When the boomers die off, we’re going to immediately be a minority – below 40%. That would be the case even if the wall was built, flights stopped, and there was a full moratorium on immigration.

The only way we are going to fix this problem is through a two-fold solution:

  • Redrawing the borders of the country
  • Physically removing tens of millions of people

There is no situation where both of those things are not going to be necessary in the future.

So whether when the federal government falls we are 36% of the population of the current United States or 27%, the solutions are going to be the same.

So honestly, talking about immigration at this point – especially getting all depressed about it, or enraged – is a waste of both time and energy.

In the end, we are either going to solve the problems or not, but given that there is no possible path to solve the problems through the electoral process, immigration simply does not matter anymore, in any practical sense.

It’s still a good issue to talk to people about and so on, of course.

You might specifically want to point out the vitriolic glee of Jews like Jennifer Rubin.

But if anything, it’s possible that these levels of immigration will be a positive, as they will force white people to realize the fact that they are indeed white, and people who are not white are indeed different than them.

Believing immigration matters at this point is like believing Trump is going to be reelected in 2024. It is just part of an unwarranted belief that there is some kind of solution to any problem short of a collapse of the federal government.