Immigrants in Italy Say Their Tents are Crap

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2015

Sick Italian bastards.

Why don’t they provide these poor helpless healthy adult men in their twenties and thirties with better free things?

Are they racist? Neo-Nazi? Or simply pure evil?


Illegal multicultural enrichers from Africa are complaining and protesting about EU-Italian aid in Milan, Italy. One tent has a minor leak and these spoiled men are not even capable of sealing the little hole. Tents are simply not good enough for these African princes, they need at least golden palaces for free to settle in. And a free European passport, of course. These invaders suffer so much from this torture, Europeans are so bad to them, they demand better residences, like they had in there home countries.

Please send money to charities to buy these men better tents. And support the Merkel proposal to make all countries in Europe provide first class housing to these men.

They are princes among us, you see. In Africa, they lived like gods. But they risked their lives to come here because of… the war in Libya, I guess, or maybe some other country has a war or whatever.

Anyway, they are the most helpless people on earth, as both Merkel and Martin Schulz have explained to you stupid goyim.