Immigrants Found Tunneling Across the Border like Dirty Rats

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2017

Great. Just what we need more of in America. Tunnel-crawling rats.

Long ago, our forebears figured out an effective and humane way to deal with tunneling pests. Their ancient technique was passed down throughout the generations, safeguarding them against this underground peril.

But, like many with things now, we have forgotten.

Well, most of us have.

There are still those who hold that ancient flame, ready to revive the lost art.

The art of whack-a-mole.

Soon to be revived as “whack-a-migrant.”

New York Daily News:

Border Patrol agents arrested 30 immigrants suspected of crossing a Southern California border Saturday through an underground tunnel, federal authorities said.

Officers found a crude opening and a ladder inside the tunnel north from the Otay Mesa border entrance shortly after 1 a.m., U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said in a statement.

Authorities took 23 Chinese citizens — 21 men and two women— seven Mexican citizens — four men and three women – into custody for questioning.

What are the Chinese doing tunneling here from Mexico?

Actually, scratch that.

The chinks are probably the ones digging these tunnels. Their insect-like hive mind grant them instinctive tunneling abilities.

The chinks are known to dig ant-like colonies when under attack.

Some of the immigrants tried getting back into the tunnel, but it’s unknown if anyone made it back to Mexico, a CBP spokesman told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The San Diego Tunnel Task Force and Homeland Security officials are on the scene and are coordinating with Mexican law enforcement officials in the investigation.

It’s still rather baffling why US immigration authorities would try and cooperate with the Mexican government. Don’t they know that the Mexicans are complicit in the illegal immigration wave hitting us?

The Mexican elites are quite happy to have their worst people leaving their country and become America’s problem instead.

They don’t want to deal with these people any more than we do.

But how can we stop people tunneling under the border, though?

In fact, we don’t have to.

As soon as we remove all of these illegal immigrant’s job opportunities and welfare programs, any incentive they would have to come here will cease to exist and this problem will disappear.