Immigrant Africans Threaten Norwegians Lives and Tell Them They’re There to Stay

The African artist Hannah Wozene Kvam tells in clear terms that the Norwegians should sleep with one eye open “when the oppressed minorities is the customer group to which it is not worthwhile to mess with.

September 14, 2013


Directly quoted it sounds like this:

Here’s the request. Go to sleep with an eye open. The minorities are here to stay. And this customer group, it pays not to fuck with.

Wozene Kvam has a longer article published in Aftenposten on the 22nd. august, in which she complains that a Norwegian comedian by the name of ‘ Else Furuseth, use brunkrem Kåss of the Ministry in the face when she is going to represent the famous African American television celebrity Oprah Winfrey in a lanseringsstunt for TV2. This is racism and discriminatory according to the Queendom-the artist.

It is not easy to understand what’s going on in the minds of Kvam for the article in and of itself is the soup of explanations and personal experiences as well as a kind of history lesson in the theme of racism. The foundations in Kvam’s feature article is that black is always going to be the victim and it is these that need special treatment and understanding. The features are on the whole very cluttered and you are left with an experience that Attends even do not understand what she is trying to get ahead in their ordgyteriet. Understanding that it is actually the one who is in a foreign country and need to adapt to their new surroundings, it seems not to penetrate through.

Racist Theatre Group

Wozene Kvam belongs to the racist and afro-oriented “Nordic Black Theatre”-the environment that focus their whole existence on skin color and ethnic belonging to Africa and countries from the developing world. She is also behind the initiative “Afrikan history week.” At all is Kvam its commitment unilaterally placed based on an African and Hispanic point of view.


Why non-Western people on death and life always should organize themselves and work based on their ethnicity and not to integrate them directly into the community they live in is an interesting observation. Why do they complain that the majority community are not included on their diverse cultural sensitivities when they constantly build new walls around their own ethnicity and culture?

The death threat against the Norwegians

Kvam concludes his long and meaningless tirade with a murder threat against the Norwegians by quoting a song that calls Norway for a racist country. This is is not alone in Kvam. It is not a long time ago “this year’s Doe”-winner and wife to the narkotikapåvirkede small child’s father who was knocked down in Sofienbergparken, Kohinor Nordberg, Norway called for a “White trash democracy”.


To call the Norwegians for racists and our society for white trash democracy makes that one WINS this year’s title of “Smith”. Here get Kohinoor Nordberg presented the award from the feminist and Communist selverklærte Martine Aurdal. (Which by the way living in the multicultural area of Montebello).

Here is the text of Kvam concludes his article with:

You want to keep me down to keep me down

Revolution against this racist institution

The white man shall forever sleep with one eye open

About Kvam reacted just as strong when the movie “White chicks” came out, in which two African American actors and actresses played the white girls with pale face masks unknown.

It is also worth to notice that Aftenposten published Queendom-the artist his feature article under debate, but “forgot” to actually open the debate. Perhaps out of fear of the Norwegian people’s reaction of murder to be threatened by a human who has been given a life in Norway she could not dream of in their country of origin?