IMF: White Genocide has Decivilized Africa

IG Farben
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

Harare and Salisbury. Same city but ages apart.

In a recent report, the International Monetary Fund has concluded that after three decades of Black rule, central South Africa has been reduced to a near primitive state. Some formerly civilized countries in the region, like Zimbabwe, are effectively 95% unemployed. Forbes even likened the economic conditions to the ancient city-state of Ur.

The bleak economic decline is the result of one atrocity: White genocide.


Zimbabwe’s economy is facing difficulties. A severe drought and slow reform revenues. With limited access to foreign inflows, the ensuing fiscal imbalances have become unsustainable.

Translation: The Black proto-state economy is at a near standstill. There are no more Whites for Blacks to steal from and the bills are long past due.

Zimbabwe – Home of the Niggabucks.

Growth this year is expected to be supported by a strong performance in agriculture mainly due to exceptional rains. However, economic activity in the medium term is projected to remain subdued.

Quite literally, these Africans are praying for rain to survive.

An economic forecast this Stone Age-tier has not been seen since before the Native Americans had guns and horses.

As predicted, the IMF blames the Blacks for this failure, citing “a lack of self-control” and “niggerish spending habits.” What the report fails to mention is that these problems have flourished in the absence of White leadership.

Robert Mugabe’s ZANU forces have been destroying the White core of central Africa’s economy (once known as Rhodesia) since the 1960s. The innocent White Rhodesians fought back with honor and valor, but after abandonment from the failed-empire of Britain and the West, a majority were forced to leave their homes, farms, and cities to the mercy of the Black mob.

In fact, ending centuries of White rule in Africa has resulted in, at best, general disenfranchisement and economic malaise. The worst effects were the murder and genocide of Whites.

One minute, you’re a healthy White populace. The next minute: genocide.

The situation for Whites in southern Africa is continuing to deteriorate. In Zimbabwe and South Africa, where presidential elections are ramping up, calls for violence and theft against the remaining Whites are being echoed from the highest offices of Black power.

The Trump Administration must condemn the genocidal Black African regimes of southern Africa. However, recognizing these racial crimes against Whites is only a first step. A logical American government would expedite immigration of Whites fleeing these countries.

One thing is certain: The continual extermination of Whites from Africa has been the worst disaster to befall the dark continent.