Imagine If White Women Acted Like Japanese Women

Imagine, if you will, a race where even the women of the race express hardcore in-group preference.

Imagine if it was this hardcore.

New York Post:

A sperm donor’s betrayal has led to one mother’s shame and an orphaned child.

A Japanese woman is suing the biological father of her second child for 330 million yen ($2.86 million) after learning that he’d lied about his identity.

The Tokyo resident, who is in her 30s, thought she’d found a successful Japanese man with a Kyoto University education, and had sex with him 10 times in an effort to get pregnant, according to Japanese media.

The woman had previously had one child with her current husband, but decided to conceive with a donor when she learned her husband carried a hereditary disorder that could be passed to his offspring. She sought the help of social media to find the perfect candidate.

The efforts paid off in July 2019. But soon after getting pregnant by the donor, the woman, who remains unidentified in local reports, learned that the biological father of her unborn child is, in fact, a married Chinese man who did not attend the prestigious research university.

The woman decided to put her baby up for adoption as it was already too late to abort the pregnancy. She’s now suing for fraud, citing “emotional distress” caused by his lies.

Japan’s sperm donation industry is largely unregulated, according to a Vice News investigation. Commercial artificial insemination is scarce, and it’s limited only to heterosexual married couples. The situation has led many parents to take their efforts online and into their own hands.

Just so you understand: Chinese and Japanese are the same basic race. I’ve seen enough gooks in my day that I can tell them apart most of the time (or at least, a lot of the time), but no one even in Japan would be able to recognize that someone was half Chinese. That is to say: this is not like if a white woman accidentally gets black sperm instead of white sperm. It’s not even remotely similar to that, because there would be no visible difference, and if the child was not told of the issue, there would be no measurable behavioral difference.

This woman is doing this purely on principle. She went through the process of carrying and birthing this child, and then put it up for adoption when she found out it was from a very genetically compatible group which is also a hated ethnic enemy.

A Chinese woman would do the same in the reverse situation.

This is to say: no one in the Western world is exaggerating when they say “these hoes ain’t loyal.”

And yes, some white knight male feminist neo-Nazi can post statistics about the “low” rate of white female/black male marriage. But anyone who has had even minor exposure to basic casual social situations knows that they’ve all had sex with blacks – and a fair number of them have regular sex with blacks.

Also note: if there were more black men willing to date and marry white women, there would be a lot more of it happening. Most black men actually prefer black women, as you can see clearly with the fact that wealthy celebrity black men rarely choose white female partners. However, black men have such totally uncontrolled testosterone that they will literally have sex with anything (we all know the stories about grandmas, babies, and animals), and white women exploit this for their own sick sexual purposes.

All of the white knighting neo-Nazis are announcing that they have no experience (at all) with white women, the dating and bar scenes, social interactions at schools and universities, or really any interaction with society at all, when they make these claims about “only a small percentage of white women race-mix because marriage statistics.”

But a much bigger issue than the fact that white women crave black cock is this right here:

The sex thing is gross beyond words. But the fact that white women are an organized army fighting for communist black political revolution is a whole other issue.

And, as we’ve covered all the way to infinity over the years, white women are also the organized army promoting the invasion of Europe by conquering Islamic hordes.

Any perusal of the photos and videos of BLM rallies or pro-immigration rallies will show that at least 90% of white attendees are women. The male attendees that do go probably are only there because it seems like a good place to meet women, given the male-female ratios (you’ll always see them kind of standing in the back looking around, as lonely men do at hook-up bars).

White women are never going to act like Asian women unless they are forced to do so. In order for that to happen, laws have to change. We have to remove women’s rights, we have to ban abortion, we have to outlaw divorce and family court/child support systems, we have to remove domestic violence laws. We should also, frankly, reinstate miscegenation laws, and outlaw illicit sex before marriage (although banning abortion, affirmative action, single mother welfare programs, and child support would make women very chaste very quickly).

And it obviously goes beyond simply supporting BLM and immigration – white women as an organized group jump to support any destructive agenda the Jews put on the table. (Particularly if they are unmarried.)

If white women acted like Asian women, we would not have any problem that we have now.

Basically: we have to return to the traditional Christian society that we’ve always had.

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