A Guide: How to Die in a Parking Lot in Columbus, Ohio

Liberals look at guns as evil talismans that cause death. It’s almost a kind of magic power that they ascribe to them. If you ever meet a liberal believer who wasn’t around guns as a kid, they will tense up in the presence of guns, as if bullets are just going to pop out of the barrel at any moment and start flying around the room causing death.

I’ve been in third world countries where the cops carry around AK-47s as a matter of course, and had British pansies will be like, “oh my God, this makes me so nervous…!” It’s the same thing if you have a gun in your house or your car and some liberal sees it. They get all nervous and act afraid, as a medieval peasant would around a cursed item from a witch’s lair.

The fact that there are not shootings at gun shows is often used as a point to show liberals that proximity to guns is not equivalent to proximity to death. You can have literally thousands of guns in one place, and no one dies by their power.

Of course, it is going to be a big story on reddit if someone gets shot at outside a gun show, because it is evidence to the claim that guns themselves, the actual object, causes death.

The shooting didn’t happen at the gun show, obviously – it happened in the parking lot.

But that’s reddit for you.

And of course, if there ever was a shooting outside of a gun show, it was going to be in the parking lot of Westland Mall in Columbus, Ohio.


The Ohio BCI and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are investigating after a deadly shooting outside of the Westland Mall Sunday afternoon.

Police and deputies responded to reports of shots fired before 4 p.m. and found one male victim dead from apparent gunshot wounds in the parking lot outside of the former Sears department store. Investigators shut entrances to the parking lot and taped off a large area for hours following the incident.

The Westland Mall has been vacant for years, but still hosts events periodically. The Sunday shooting happened as a gun show was winding down inside.

“I was inside talking to a buddy of mine who’s a gun dealer when somebody came in the front door, yelled, ‘Shots fired!’” recounted Jason Thiede, who was attending the gun show. “Everybody started to scatter away from the front door and heard a lot of gunfire outside.”

Thiede said the gunshots caused a brief panic until everyone realized it was coming from outside of the building.

“I looked to see where it’s coming from and whether there’s a chance I’m going to get hit. I was standing close enough to a column to know I wasn’t going to get hit by anything coming through the door, so I wasn’t worried,” he said.

Investigators immediately said it was not an active shooter situation. By late Sunday evening, no one had been taken into custody and no suspect information had been released. They also could not say whether the victim or potential suspects had any connection to the gun show.

Thiede said the violence would be uncharacteristic of a gun show.

Of course violence is uncharacteristic of a gun show. You’d have to be from reddit to not know that already.

Guns were not the reason for the death. I would argue the parking lot itself invited death. It is a dead place, where dead people go to die.

Here’s the parking lot:

It’s a hellscape.

In fact, most of central Ohio has been turned into a hellscape characteristic of this kind of parking lot.

The area used to be a nice rural place, surrounded by many fields.

There was a metro area in Columbus, of course. The buildings there were beautiful, designed by people who cared what the buildings they built looked like.

Old Columbus
Old Worthington (Columbus suburb)

But then there wasn’t much between the different small cities outside Columbus, other than fields.

It’s now been fully enveloped by sprawl.

So many concrete buildings, strip malls with plastic signs. So, so many parking lots.

The parking lots make me think of hell, and of dying alone and being forgotten.

This is not a place where human beings should live.

It does not have life in it. It is the opposite of life. It is sharp, sterile, desolate and cold. It is empty, like a barren plane in hell.

I’m surprised more people don’t die in parking lots in central Ohio.

I was born in 1984, before the procedure was complete, but long after it started. Still, what I see now in my hometown is unrecognizable from what I knew as a kid.

I grew up next to a corn field.

It’s a parking lot now. There’s an apartment complex filled with Somalians.

After destroying our fields and replacing them with parking lots, the people who control our city now, mostly Jews, have mocked us, mocked our heritage with a disgusting installation reminiscent of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.

It’s called “Fields of Corn” and is supposed to honor the fact that we used to have corn fields all around our living spaces. There are 109 concrete pieces of corn. They’re very large.

It was made by one Malcolm Cochran, who I suspect is Jewish. In order to “honor” our history, to remember that there used to be corn fields where these parking lots are now, they replaced a corn field with the only imaginable thing uglier than a parking lot.

These immigrants that flood the streets now seem to belong there, because it has turned into a hell. The Indians and the Arabs – they strike me as the kind of creatures you should be meeting in these desolate parking lots, in the same way that The Butcher is who I would expect to meet on the second level of the dungeon under the Tristram cathedral.

Every day, I think about where I am now, and I think about the old Columbus, which was my birthright and which was taken from me. I think about what it has become. More than the immigrants, the junkies, or the fat, aggressive women, I think about these endless parking lots, the freeway off-ramps, the strip malls and the drive-thru fast foot joints, as that is the environment which brought these creatures.

These monsters who have overtaken my city couldn’t have taken over the old Columbus. They wouldn’t want to live there and they couldn’t live there. The modern American hellscape is a breeding ground for degeneracy.

This was also in the reddit comments on the gun show shooting:

We should always have paid attention to our environment.

Life is dependent on its environment, and it is ultimately defined by it.